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Kids Creative Journals

Color Pop notebooks are lined and perfect for journaling.
Our daughter is in a constant mode of creating. She loves to knit and sew and seems to be in an endless loop of sketching, planning, and making fabric store shopping lists. She has several projects in various stages going on at once -- all of which creates a lot of fantastic creative mess. In fact, we recently made her a "maker area" in her room to help corral everything and give her a creative place to work. So when OOLY sent over a selection of journals, I knew she'd put them to good use! The Color Pop All-in-One Notebook has been an excellent tool for her to organize and collect her ideas. From pineapple pillows to ball gowns for her dolls, the notebook helps her keep track of what she's got planned. And she likes adding some of OOLY's stickers for decorations and inspiration too! She often brings this one in the car with her so she can create on-the-go. The blank pages work for sketching and the lined pages are excellent for her shopping lists -- they even have a column where she can check off things as she purchases them. She uses the tucked away pen, but also loves using OOLY's bright pens to add color to her designs. Writing in pocket pal journals in a kids art space My daughter also had great luck with using the Mini Pocket Pal Journals for her sketches. Since she's gearing up for spring break, she has bikinis and tropical fruit on her mind! She likes to use colored pens for the sketching and outlining and then fills in with colored pencils or even oil pastels. And when she's working on an actual project, she tears out the sheet and pins it to her work board over her desk. Write and doodle on the lined paper of Pocket Pals journals with Modern Writers Gel PensColorful drawings with Jumbo Brights Neon Colored Pencils The journals have been such a great way to focus her energy and work through her creative process. I could see any kiddo using them for whatever creative projects they've got in the works: LEGO designs, story writing, nature sketching. Journals are an excellent tool for kids' imaginations!

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