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How To Make New Year's Resolutions More Fun

How To Make New Year's Resolutions More Fun
Can you believe that 2022 is here? To kick off the New Year, there is great power in writing down your goals. Did you know that you're more likely to achieve a goal if you’ve tangibly written it down–and yes, that applies to children too. Whether they want to earn good grades, learn how to ride a bike, or anything else, letting them visualize their goals by writing and drawing them can help. Now, if you sit your kids down with a piece of paper and pencil, this will feel more like a homework assignment than a fun arts and crafts activity. That’s where OOLY comes in with colorful markers, glittery pens, easy to use paint supplies, and an array of stickers to inspire and spark joy.

How To Make New Year's Resolutions Fun For Kids

Let’s be realistic, kids are definitely going to enjoy an imaginative activity more than writing down a simple list. Sit them down with a sketchbook or large piece of blank paper, some drawing markers, and let their imagination run wild. Encourage them to get creative with different colors, sizes, shapes and words–there’s no wrong answer here! Plus, you can even engage their senses with vibrant scented stickers that are fun and easy to use. If they want to add some sparkle to their projects, OOLY has many options! Our glitter gel pens offer a shiny, radiant finish that will add pizzazz to your arts and crafts. OOLY Tips:
  1. Start with small goals. Success is key for children.
  2. Let your kiddos come up with the ideas.
  3. Writing down the goals and words is only one way to manifest goals for children. Take it one step further and create a vision board. Add in pictures, cut out magazine clippings and add in your favorite quotes. (We love our Jot-it Notebooks that have inspiring quotes!)

Get Creative With Your Kids This New Year

For the adults, you might be more interested in manifesting your goals and dreams by utilizing a bullet journal. With this method, not only will it be more chic and simple, but also you can have fun creating them alongside your kiddos. New to manifesting? No worries, here’s how to do it:
  1. Write down what you want to achieve - this is the simple part. Make these words big and bold on your project using silver lining markers. This will not only make your words colorful, but add sparkle and depth to them.
2. Next, write down why you want to achieve that goal - What will happen if this comes to fruition? Will you feel a sense of accomplishment? Will you be happier or healthier? Whatever your “why” is, it’s important to keep that in mind because that will keep you motivated. 3. Finally, write down how you’re going to work towards achieving it - What actions are you going to take each day to get closer to your goals? (Now, make sure they are realistic because as the wise-saying goes, “slow and steady wins the race.”) Want to keep your goals in sight at all times? Make use of sticky notes to write down what you want and place them in areas you go to frequently. For some, that may be a home office, the kitchen, or a glove compartment. Regardless of where it is, the more you’re able to see what you’re hoping to achieve, the better off you’ll be in working to make those dreams a reality.

Other Ways To Get Creative In 2022

Once you’ve made your list of goals for 2022, there’s no need to stop there! The New Year is also a great time to pick up a new hobby and try new things. When it comes to crafting, you’re never too young or old to experiment. Have you thought of trying to learn calligraphy? Well, there’s no better time than now. Our Ink Works Markers have five different tips for beginners and pros alike. Or our Calligraphy Duo Markers, while it takes practice, you’ll have the basics ready to go with these markers. If the kids are trying to learn cursive, these markers can also be a fun tool to get them excited while practicing. What’s better than drawing on paper? Drawing on windows - yes, you read that right. In 2022, pick up this Window Cling Art Kit. Not only will the kiddos go bananas with having their drawings on the windows, but also adults will be able to keep children busy as they prep dinner or get some work done.If drawing directly on windows is more your kiddos speed, OOLY’s Rainy Dayz Gel Crayons seamlessly glide on windows, mirrors and other glass surfaces bringing their colorful and creative designs to life. No matter what you’re interested in, you can’t go wrong by kicking off the new year with some arts and crafts. Now, go ahead and shop those craft supplies to take your New Year’s resolutions to the next level.

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