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8 Professions Using Gel Pens Right Now

Gel Pens Teacher
If you love working with gel pens, you might be excited to learn that there are many professions that incorporate these fun pens into the typical workday! From teaching elementary school to designing cool advertisements to writing original copy and everything in between, you’re sure to find a profession that sounds appealing. Check out these eight unique careers that use the best gel pens for writing, drawing and much, much more every day.

1. Calligraphers and Others in the Word Art Profession

First up are calligraphers and word art professionals, who often use gel pens for their countless creations. Calligraphers specialize in creating beautiful writing using unique tools, which may include ink brushes, gel pens and other types of tailored writing instruments. Similarly, word artists work to embellish writing for aesthetic purposes. If you’re interested in getting into calligraphy, you may want to start out by learning the basics of hand lettering. Once you’ve mastered some foundational skills, you can use your gel pens to detail beautiful invitations, dinner menus, posters and more.

2. Schoolteachers at All Grade Levels

Of all the careers that use gel pens on a regular basis, schoolteachers might get the most mileage out of them. Teachers of all grade levels get to use gel pens for a wide range of purposes as a way to brighten up the classroom for younger students, make assignments more interesting for older students and inject a little fun into various activities for students of all ages. On any given day, you might find a teacher breaking out a colorful new pack of gel pens for:
  • Writing on instructional easels
  • Grading papers, tests and other school assignments
  • Leading creative school projects
  • Supporting artsy after-school activities
  • Jotting down notes throughout the day
Teachers may even give their classes individual packs of gel pens to encourage deeper engagement with various assignments. For instance, an elementary school teacher might use gel pens as a way to incentivize students to give a creative assignment their all.

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3. Freelance Artists and Business Owners

Artists and art store business owners of all stripes have the opportunity to incorporate gel pens into their everyday work. Many freelance artists use gel pens as their medium of choice or as a funky alternative to help push their own creative boundaries. Additionally, many art supplies sellers not only promote gel pens but can also use them to write down orders, provide customers with product notes and much more. In this career category, you might find such varied artistic professionals as:
  • Street artists
  • Carnival or county fair caricature artists
  • Independent contract artists
  • Commercial artists
  • Art supply shop owners

4. Advertising Creative Managers

You may be surprised to learn that the advertising world provides plenty of chances to break out the gel pens in the workplace! Many creative managers at big advertising and marketing firms need to draft multimedia projects and preliminary sketches for client approval. Gel pens can give these drafts a compelling visual impact and even help creative managers sell their work more effectively!

5. Professional Graphic Designers

Although some graphic designers may work mostly with computers, many others need to flesh out ideas on paper before translating them to computer programs. That’s where gel pens can come in! Professional graphic designers often employ gel pens to help them draw crisp, clear first drafts and come up with creative new ideas for their work. In this exciting profession, gel pens can come in handy when:
  • Designing commercial prints
  • Creating preliminary sketches for web designs
  • Assembling physical layouts for brochures and reports
  • Creating first drafts of magazine layouts

6. Administrative and Executive Assistants

Office workers of all stripes can use gel pens for many tasks throughout the day, but administrative assistants, in particular, may find themselves making use of them constantly. Assistants are in charge of taking calls, organizing their bosses’ calendars and more, and need to write notes down all day long. These professionals can use gel pens to add some pizzazz to their workday and make taking down all of the following a little more fun!
  • Appointment times
  • Phone messages
  • File organizational notes
  • Meeting minutes
  • Sticky note reminders
  • Computer passwords and login info

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7. Writers and Editors

Those in the writing and editing profession have the opportunity to use all sorts of unique gel pens every day. Whether they prefer standard gel pens or radiant, glittery pens, these wordsmiths need gel pens as a visually appealing medium for:
  • Marking up copy
  • Correcting errors and annotating papers
  • Writing article and book drafts
  • Signing original copies of work
  • Leaving personal notes and annotations in current work
  • Brainstorming and jotting down creative ideas
Gel pens can also be a great way for writers and editors to break up the monotony of other writing mediums. For instance, if a writer or editor is used to typing up texts on the computer or scribbling down ideas in pencil or plain pen, simply switching to gel pens instead can add a little spark of creativity into their day.

8. Daycare and Preschool Enrichment Assistants

Last but not least, many professionals who work with very young children can use gel pens to teach the little ones about art, appeal to their visual senses and get them excited about working on new projects. Daycare and preschool enrichment assistants and teaching assistants can use gel pens to create mini graduation gifts for kids about to leave daycare, move up in preschool or even graduate kindergarten. These assistants may use gel pens to flesh out example projects for the kids or hand them over to the children to give them free rein over their own ideas. Countless professions make use of gel pens every day to support creativity, jot down quick notes, sketch out works of art and much more. Whether you’re interested in writing, drawing, teaching or another profession, having a range of fun gel pens at your disposal could help spark your creativity and enrich your workday. Browse through OOLY today to explore all the options and find the gel pens you need for your professional life or personal interests!

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