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Top 6 Ways to #addhappy Everyday

Top 6 Ways to #addhappy Everyday
The simple act of giving, trying something new, adding color, starting a project…all these activities bring joy to our world when we add them to our daily lives. How do you create your happy every day? Is it through making art, writing, craft projects, organizing or even giving to others? We love to hear how our community is adding color to the world around us and we believe that we can unite to add happy to others lives through creativity and inspired giving! Here are some easy ideas to help inspire you to add happy to the world around you by sharing your creativity. Coloring a Fire Truck with Chunkies Paint Sticks

#addhappy Notes:

Write an impromptu note to a special friend, teacher, child, or parent and add happy to your community through everyday acts of kindness. The unexpected notes encourage the notion that small gestures can create a huge impact because one smile can go a long way!

Two girls painting rainbows and unicorns with Pixie Paste Brush-On Glitter Glue

Caring Cards:

If you’re passionate about art, crafting, or writing you can send your creations to a person working through a challenge! Make a homemade card for a person at a homeless shelter or rescue mission. Add happy every day by sending positivity! With a caring card, you’re brightening someone’s day in a unique way. Find a shelter near you here: Homeless Shelter Directory USA

Kids together on a picnic table having arts & crafts time

Art for All:

If organizing an event is your thing, why not add happy through coordinating a holiday crafting workshop, a make and take craft event, or hosting a creative kids event encouraging kids of all ages to express their creativity! For inspiration check out your local library activities or community room availability. Find your local library using this library locator.

Kids painting a rainbow, monster and a planet using Creatibles DIY Window Cling Art Kit

Support a Creative Classroom:

Help OOLY provide more creative supplies to teachers and students! A donation to provides essential supplies to teachers to help students learn and exceed. Help support teachers today and build a brighter future tomorrow.

Adults outside during arts & crafts time using a coloring set

Donate Your Time:

Getting involved with a local mentoring organization and donating your time is a great way of increasing the awareness of creativity and could have a huge impact on people of all ages. Here are some resources for local mentor opportunities: MENTOR and Big Brothers Big Sisters of America

Yummy Yummy Scented Glitter Gel Pens and Razzle Dazzle Colored Pencils in colorful buckets

Be #addhappy:

Demonstrate what it means to add happy through embodying a spirit of positivity and compassion. If you prefer to help others to express their creativity then you can donate supplies or volunteer your time to a local hospital or homeless shelter. Your #addhappy donations provide a creative outlet to those who may need it most. Check out these directories to find locations in your area. (Outbound Links) Children’s Hospital Directory Senior Living Communities Window watercolor paintings on a rainy day At OOLY, we believe that adding happy can brighten the world around us! We hope that you have uncovered some inspiration on creating and adding happy every day. Let’s come together to spread joy and happiness through creative expression. A small act of kindness can have a huge impact!

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