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Valentine’s Day Crafts - Doodle Hearts Coloring Page and Heart Keepsake Rocks

Valentine’s Day Crafts - Doodle Hearts Coloring Page and Heart Keepsake Rocks
Sam here from Thrive 360 Living. I'm excited to share with you a special doodle hearts coloring page that I made exclusively for fans of OOLY art supplies and makes for great Valentine's Day crafts. With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, this coloring page is perfect for making valentines with the kiddos. I can't wait to show you what you can do with your hearts once you've finished coloring them.Valentine's Day Coloring Page DOWNLOAD Doodle Hearts Coloring Page


Typically I just print my coloring pages on regular computer paper. If you want something that is longer lasting and can be framed, print your coloring page on cardstock. Sometimes I also print coloring pages on watercolor paper and then use these OOLY Lil’ Watercolor Paint Pods.


Here are some of my favorite OOLY art supplies for coloring: Colored pencils - I love that these 2-of-a-Kind colored pencils are double ended. They’re perfect for travel too because you still get a ton of colors without having to carry twice as many pencils. Markers - When I'm coloring I like to mix up the markers I use to create more color options and texture. There are so many color options in this Seriously Fine marker set...36 colors to be exact. Although not a marker, for details and coloring accuracy, I really like these Petite Point fine tip gel pens. Crayons - Even when coloring pages have lots of details, that doesn't mean you can't use crayons. I've always taught my son that you don't have to color in every detail. It looks just as beautiful when you color over the patterns with a single color or blend colors together. Our favorite crayons to use are these vibrant Color Appeel crayons.


Once you've finished your coloring page the fun doesn't have to end. It's easy to turn your colored doodle hearts into keepsake stones. Here's how: - Color in your hearts using markers (colored pencils might rub off) on regular paper. I used card stock, and it was a little difficult to adhere the heavy paper to each stone. Lighter paper will work better. - Cut out each heart. - Glue each heart to a rock using Mod Podge and a foam brush. It's okay to brush the Mod Podge over the entire heart and rock. I hope you enjoy this free doodle hearts Valentine's Day coloring page. But don't forget, hearts are for everyday, not just on February 14th!

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