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Stickiville Fruit Salad Stickers in packagingClose up of Stickiville Fruit Salad Stickers
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Stickiville Ice Cream sticker sheets in packagingStickiville Ice Cream sticker sheets close up
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Stickiville Punny Pals vinyl stickers in packagingStickiville Punny Pals vinyl stickers close up
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If you’ve got a craving for stickers then get ready to indulge with these adorably satisfying food stickers. Fun, silly, and always jam-packed with personality, these cute food stickers will add flavor to your notebooks, water bottle, journal and more!

Hey food lovers - get a taste of these delectably sweet food stickers!

Our collection of cute food stickers are deliciously charming and will satiate the sticker cravings of every collector! Maybe you’ll want to indulge in the transparent junk food stickers from the itsy bitsy collection. Or take a food lovers sticker tour of Stickiville where, along with burgers and fries, you can treat yourself to some candy stickers, some ice cream designs, or even the B.F.F. Food stickers, which feature our favorite food pairings like eggs and bacon and peanut butter and jelly. 

We’ve got a whole menu of deliciously adorable possibilities—perfect for decorating a lunch box, water bottle, or anywhere that could use something delectably fun!