Scented Supplies that Excite the Senses

OOLY Unicorn Happy pack in giftable pouch and gift label
Unicorns Happy Pack


Scented Supplies that Excite the Senses

Use two senses instead of one with these totally silly scented markers, pens, erasers, stickers, and more! With names like Totally Taffy Scented Gel Pens, Macarons Vanilla Scented Erasers, Double Dip Ice Cream Scented Markers, and Lil Juicies Fruit Scented Erasers you may be tempted to take a bite. But these scented art and school supplies are strictly for creating.

Monster Pals, Self Expression Writing, and Unique Unicorn gift sets come packed with inspiring scented art and school tools for those who can’t get enough of these silly smelly supplies. Get sticky with fun and unique scented stickers, erase your greatest mistakes with Jumbo Rainbow scented erasers, and get your neon on with Neon Click Scented Retractable Highlighters.

Whether you’re coloring on paper, sending a note to a friend, writing in your journal, or preparing for your next big exam, these scented school and art supplies will keep your eyes and your nose inspired.