dual liner double-ended neon highlighters

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dual liner double-ended neon highlighters

$9.99 $9.99
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Brighten up your planner or journal with the most unique highlighters! What sets these double-ended neon highlighters apart? It’s the dual tip. One end is a chisel tip and the other a dual-nibbed tip that draws 2 lines at the same time; making underlining twice obsolete.

Dual Liner Double-Ended Neon Highlighters is a set of 6 bright neon highlighters. One side is a chisel tip so you can use it to make bold lines. The other end is a dual tip highlighter that you can use to highlight, underline or decorate with twice the emphasis. Your school, office or homework will never be boring again with these unique dual tip highlighter pens.

  • Neon Highlighter set of 6
  • Double-ended Highlighters
  • Chiseled tip for bold lines
  • Dual tip for double lining
  • Suitable for ages 6 and up

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