pretty pop mechanical pencil and eraser set


pretty pop mechanical pencil and eraser set

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Take your pencil work to the next level with the Pretty Pop Mechanical Pencils! This set of fun mechanical colored pencil set are ready-to-go right out of the pack with thick #2 graphite lead, a separate retractable eraser and extra graphite leads too.

With extra thick graphite lead, you can do so much more when you use a heavy duty mechanical pencil. With Pretty Pop Mechanical Pencils you can create delicate thin lines or wear the lead down a little to create bolder thick lines. Need a thin line again? No worries! Each pencil has it own sharpener built into the pencil end so you can keep your drawing and writing sharp when it needs to be. The included retractable eraser holds like a pencil, making it easy to get rid of mistakes and also to create highlights in your art. It's truly an amazing mechanical pencil set with colored leads. But there’s more! When you need more lead, just pop off the top and refill your pencils with the 12 spare leads. If you need more, you can get more pencil lead here.

  • 2.0 mm extra thick mechanical pencil set
  • 4 pencils - never be without one again
  • 6 #2 graphite refills - perfect for writing and drawing
  • Retractable eraser - holds like a pencil
  • Pencil end has built-in sharpener
  • Works with Very Best Mechanical Pencil Refills
  • Suitable for ages 6 and up

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