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5 Easy Easter Crafts for Kids

5 Easy Easter Crafts for Kids
Springtime, pretty pastel colored candies, vibrant flowers blooming, bunnies and cute baby chicks; the prettiest time of year for hope and renewal after a seemingly endless winter. This is also my favorite time of the year to do crafts with my girls because all the promise and hope of warm weather and fun can be easily projected through our artwork. Today I am writing about some of the top five fabulous and unique Easter crafts for kids that we made together over the weekend. And these crafts are very simple for your child to do.

Easter Candle Centerpiece

Our first craft combined two of my great loves for decorating which are: mason jars and Peeps candy! All you need for this adorable and festive center piece for your table is: mason jars, different color Peeps bunnies, jelly beans, LED light candles and festive Easter colored ribbon, all of which was bought at my local craft store and/or grocery store. DIY Easter Candle Centerpiece First line the inside of the mason jar with the bunny peeps, taking care to try to use only the peeps that don’t show too much white on the sides as you separate them out. Then in the middle of the jar you pour the jelly beans to stabilize the bunnies so that they won’t tip over. Place the LED candle on top of the jelly beans in the center of the jar and tie a pretty bow around the top of the mason jar. Voila! A beautiful and attention grabbing centerpiece for your dinner table. How can you not have a smile when sitting by candle light with Peeps and jellybeans??

Easter Marshmallow Rabbit

The next craft was adorable since we traced an outline of a bunny head and lined the entire outline with mini-marshmallows! All you will need for this is some card stock paper, craft glue, mini-marshmallows, googly eyes, pom poms, yarn and any other embellishments you see that you like at your local craft store. Your kids will love lining the outline of the bunny ( I traced mine with a pencil) with the glue and marshmallows and then you can make the face as decorative as you would like. We used the yarn for some whiskers, cute lash lined googly eyes and pom poms for the nose. Adorable! A simple Easter craft with card stock, marshmallow and a bit of imagination.

Jelly Bean Math Art

I tried to include some homework with my next Easter craft by counting and coloring using jelly bean math! All you will need for this is a bag of jelly beans, card stock, craft glue and magic markers. We love the Double Dip Ice Cream Scented Markers, they come in 24 brilliant colors and have a cool ergonomic triangular barrel for an easy grip. The are also washable which is great. This was so much fun because the kids got to sort out the colors and jelly beans and glue them on the card stock and make it look pretty with coordinating marker colors. It was our more “intellectual” holiday craft. Make math more fun with jelly beans and Stampables

Wet Chalk Easter Eggs

The next craft I did was really fun because it was like painting with chalk. All you will need is some card stock, Chalk-O-Rama sticks and washi tape. We started off by cutting an egg shape out of the card stock and then using the washi tape we taped off different sections of the egg. Next we took a cup of water and dipped our chalk into the water and painted different colors in the different sections. You may want to use some newspaper or cardboard just to limit the mess. After letting it completely dry, you peel the tape off and you have these fabulous painted looking Easter eggs! Use wet chalk and washi tape for great pastel colored Easter eggs

Finger Paint Easter Bouquet

Our final craft was so cute because I used my girls’ hand prints to make a pretty bouquet of flowers reminiscent of spring time. It would also be great for a Mother’s Day card or a birthday greeting to someone special in your children’s lives. You will need some acrylic washable paints, (we used the lil’ Poster Paint Pods) card stock, craft glue and a piece of yarn or ribbon. I love to use the Poster Paint because the set comes with 12 colors and the paints are water-soluble and wash out of fabrics. I painted my girls’ palms all over with the poster paint and then firmly pressed their hands down to create our “flowers.” Then I added in the stems and grass with the green paint. You can paint any other scene you would like to include. After it dried I tied a ribbon bow and glued it around the stems to complete the bouquet. Poster paint and little hands are all you need to make a fingerpaint flower bouquet for Easter These crafts are simple and fun for kids to make at home, with a low mess factor for parents to clean up! We also love to decorate all around our kitchen so it looks festive and cheerful for Easter fun. Like the warm spring weather is coming right into our home. Just make sure that more of the candy goes into the actual crafting and not into the kids bellies...Enjoy!

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