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Fun Kids Art Activities for Spring Break

Fun Kids Art Activities for Spring Break

Spring Break For Kids Travel Activities

At this point in the season, we are dreaming of the end of winter and love to start planning Spring Break art activities for kids just to get ourselves warm. We believe art isn't just for at-home fun, we believe you can take it on the road too. And if you choose the right supplies, art on the go is uncomplicated. For the past few years, we've taken a warm-weather spring break trip with a group of several families. It's a lot of fun. And A LOT of kids, so I always bring a few different art projects and activities to have at the ready for when the kids inevitably need a break from the beach. I've tried a range of projects over the years and I'm sharing a few of my favorites with you today:

Travel Watercolor Set

Boy using water brush from Chroma Blends watercolor travel set Our kids love to paint, but traveling with any kind of quality paint can be difficult. Thank goodness OOLY's Chroma Blends Travel Watercolor Palette packs a sophisticated punch of color. The kit comes with genius, refillable water brushes and a great mixing palette too. One brush has a flat tip the other has a round tip which really lends themselves to all kinds of watercolor techniques and I was totally impressed with the color quality. I'm sure it helped that we used Chroma Blends Watercolor Paper too. The pad is sturdy for travel, but I also like to cut smaller pieces of paper when we travel. It changes things up a bit for the kids and I find they never sit long enough to fill an entire piece of paper, so this also avoids waste. And the new round watercolor paper pad for even more imaginative projects. I can totally see this activity working from the plane to the pool. Girl watercoloring a tree with a water brush

Reading Activities

Yes, we read on vacation. And sometimes the kids even read without anyone making them! In fact, our first year traveling together, on a particularly long drive, the kids spontaneously began passing around and sharing a book with each other. Each kiddo took a turn reading a chapter aloud. It was super cute. Now that the kids are a little older, I thought it might be fun to do some kind of travel book club. Boy writing on a sticky note in a book I haven't figured out all the details yet, but I know that fun supplies go a long way toward making reading activities fun for the kids. I love Note Pals Sticky Tabs for marking passages, writing questions, or commenting on something that catches your eye. There are 18 different fun to use creatures & patterns to keep the kids interested. The kids thought these were awesome too! And the 6 Click gel pen is the perfect travel size for annotating - you get 6 color inks all in one pen! I am an active reader and love to mark up my books, so I just might nab the Pastel Mints Highlighters for myself (they smell good and their soft flexible tip makes for smooth marking!


Boy holding Unmistakeables erasable colored pencils One of my favorite memories of family travel growing up are the journals and sketchbooks my mom would bring for us. I still have several featuring my 7-year-old pencil sketches of the views from our family cabin and poems about inane items like mothballs. So I always make sure to tuck a few in when I pack for our own family travel. Our kids use these mini journals for all kinds of things—from sketching what they see out the window to dear diary moments. And Unmistakeables Erasable Colored Pencils will certainly help cut down on the "Oh no, I ruined it!" moments. "Be Yourself" written in colored pencil in a pocket notebook Writing and drawing with colored pencils in a pocket notebook Now if spring break would hurry up and get here! Rebecca Green Author of Banish Boredom Content Creator and Herder of Cats at Not-So-SAHM

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