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How To Add Holiday Cheer in your Home

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Welcome to our girls’ creative space. This is their little corner of our home where they spend literally hours at a time. Our creativity corner is split into two sections, both equally as cozy. One half is dedicated to books and reading, while the other half includes a large craft table and lots of colorful art supplies, perfect for getting crafty! In light of the most wonderful time of the year, I wanted to share how I’ve curated a space which I hope invokes play, creativity, and lots of holiday cheer. With a little bit of effort, fun arts & crafts supplies, and some creative inspiration, you too can transform a space in your home into a creative holiday oasis. Enjoy and happy holidays :)

The Reading Area

reading area creative space in home At the beginning of each new season or holiday, I store and then pull out new books. I use photo ledges as book shelves that allow the girls to easily see their reading options and choose their favorite stories. Above the shelves are two wire organizers which I use to display their finished artwork. I’ve added festive garlands and wooden signs for some extra flair. In the space, I was sure to include comfy chairs, blankets, and an open area for a cozy corner perfect for reading. creative holiday space reading area

The Craft Area

craft table creative holiday space

Next, for the craft space the girls have a simple four-seater table. We love to paint and get MESSY with paint pods and watercolors, so I typically cover the table in craft paper, to prevent any serious damage to the table. This also makes for extremely easy cleanup, as you can just scoop up all the mess. For the Christmas season, I have replaced the craft paper with wrapping paper. Wrapping paper is inexpensive, and you likely already have a few rolls stored away. The quick and easy tip is an instant way to turn up the magic and add holiday cheer. We also keep a paper roll dispenser on the table, that the girls are able to easily pull for coloring paper. craft supplies craft corner Keeping in mind organization, we store a variety of arts and crafts supplies in wire wall baskets right beside the craft table. The bottom basket contains our favorite coloring books, lined glitter notebooks, blank notebooks, and glitter glue. I love all of the shimmer, as they remind me of Christmas tinsel. Up top is where we store our paint pods, paintbrushes, watercolors, scented pens(which totally look like candy canes), and Chalk-O-Rama Crayons. We also have a couple of smaller Christmas containers that hold smaller items, like macaroon erasers and paper punchers. With the weather being colder, I threw in two OOLY 3D Colorables, these are a perfect craft for time inside. A craft and dress-up all in one!

Creative craft supplies help to add holiday cheer to any space

The Christmas Tree

christmas tree creative space in home to add holiday cheer We choose a real Christmas tree as our main tree, but this one is dedicated completely to the girls. They choose how and what they want to decorate it with. We currently have paper snowflakes, furry monogram ornaments, and paper mache ornaments that the girls painted themselves. Be sure to check out this DIY ornament blog for creative ideas on dressing up your tree. We plan to add holiday cheer with more craft ornaments and garlands throughout the season. You don’t need a huge amount of space and you don't need to spend a ton of money to make a holiday creativity corner. I simply start by designating a space to get cozy in. Bring in a few good books, your own holiday traditions, and craft supplies and before you know it, you will have the perfect cozy corner in your home! -Shakira Patterson


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