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Alien and Spaceship Tube Paper Craft for Kids

Alien and Spaceship Tube Paper Craft for Kids

Do you ever wish you can take a ride in a far-out spaceship through a galaxy filled with magnificent stars and colorful Milky Ways? Go on a space adventure with this alien and his little spacecraft with this perfectly fun paper craft for kids. The alien tube craft printable fits nicely into his toilet tube vehicle made with some of OOLY's fantastic art supplies including Lil' Poster Paint Pods and Chalk-O-Rama chalk crayons.

I loved coloring with those OOLY Chalk-O-Rama crayons, they are velvety smooth and thick so you can cover a lot of space quickly. My favorite part is that they blend so nicely together and the results create rich and vibrant artwork.


Chalk-O-Rama chalk crayons coloring in alien printable

Step 1. Print the free alien printable on white card stock paper, then color it in as you wish. I used the Chalk-O-Rama chalk crayons for mine, although you may decorate with any coloring tool you like.

Step 2. Cut out all of the pieces of the Alien with scissors or have an adult use the scissors or a craft knife. Make sure you include the rectangle that surrounds the Alien's body as this will be what you use to wrap around the tube.

Step 3. Wrap the body of the alien around a toilet tube and secure with a stapler or glue. Attach the arms and head with glue too.

Attach colored alien printable to paper roll

Alien Space Craft

Then to create the spaceship you'll need some cardboard scraps and a little imagination! Be sure that your alien will fit into the tube you choose to make your spaceship.

Step 1. Cut your toilet tube in about half, be sure to cut a little window in it too. You want your Alien to see out!

Step 2. From some cardboard scraps, cut out wings and a rocket tail.

Cut out wings for alien paper craft space ship

Step 3. Paint all of your pieces as you wish. Be sure to add a layer of glitter using the Lil' Poster Paint Pods. Let it dry well.

Step 4. Hot glue the wings and tail to your toilet tube and embellish with colored paper from the The Paper Works Sketchbook.

Hot glued colored paper onto paper roll alien spacecraft

Now your rocket is ready for your little Alien to take a ride!

If you're on instagram, we'd love to see your Alien adventures too, so be sure to tag me and OOLY with #CreateYourHappy in your pictures! Stay tuned for a second episode of our space adventure and I will show you how to make some glittery planets for your galaxy!

Finished alien and spaceship paper craft for kids

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