Fun & Colorful Bullet Journal Ideas You Need to Try

Fun & Colorful Bullet Journal Ideas You Need to Try

Everything you need to create a colorful bullet journal!

A planner, to-do list, journal, and note-taking system…ALL IN ONE! Yes, bullet journals or BuJo has become my new best friend and is super helpful when it comes to my creativity, planning and blog. Weekly layouts are the heart of most bullet journals and I'm always looking for an easy way to add fun and color to my bullet journal. My favorite way is to do this is by adding a pop of color. This is a really fun way to customize your journal and help you stay organized. Even if you're not a master doodler, you can easily add color to make weekly layouts speak to you. I love these Flipside Double Sided Notebooks because you can journal on the lined paper and flip it over for blank pages to make lists, or doodle, or anything you like! Weekly planner in colored bullet journal with markers and pens When you are ready to get started on your journal, OOLY's Pretty Pop Mechanical Pencils are a great way to sketch out your fonts first -- the retractable eraser works perfectly to erase your initial sketches after you ink over them. And The Ink Works set of five black markers has a tip for just about everything bullet journaling (plus they don't bleed when you color over them!).

Here are 5 of my favorite bullet journal ideas to add color into my bujo:

1. Highlighted Headers -- one easy addition is to include headers in color using Color Write Fountain Pens which come in super fun + bright colors and are a quick way to pop your weekly layout. Week and calendar written with colored fountain pens in DIY bullet journal 2. Neon Numbers -- another simple way to highlight your journal is by filling in dates of the month. Seriously Fine Felt Tip Markers come in a wide range of hues and work well for outlining or coloring in small areas.
3. Color block headers -- I love using these Smooth Hues Markers. The rounded 3.5 mm nib are perfect for coloring in larger areas, so I often use them to color in blocked headers. Adding the banner ribbon design helps to make your title stand out a bit more and gives you space to add color. 4. Backlit font -- I love the sharp contrast of black ink on white paper, but coming back through with a pop of color is fun too. The Smooth Hues Markers are the perfect way to add a touch of color behind black font. 5. Radiant reminders -- I have been using Chroma Blends Watercolor Brush Markers in SO many BuJo layouts lately. Just a little water gives you a great look. These little colored reminders make appointments so much more fun.
So start adding color to your bujo journaling, into your day, and into your life!
Rebecca Green Author of Banish Boredom Content Creator and Herder of Cats at Not-So-SAHM

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