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Decorate Their Door! #2019TeacherAppreciationWeek

OOLY Coloring
OOLY Hearts A creative way for students to show their teacher they appreciate them is to decorate the classroom door! All you need is an idea and one large piece of paper the size of the door (or several placed together)! This is a great way to get the kids’ creative juices flowing. The class can choose a theme and create it. It’s also fun for each student to write a personal message. OOLY Fun Coloring Ideas

Step 1 - Come up with the theme

  • Your idea can be centered around a favorite quote, the teacher’s name, or messages of appreciation.
  • Find out some of the teacher’s favorite games, movies & songs.
  • The students’ can vote on the final theme. Letting them choose can be all the motivation they need to get started!
OOLY Fun and Bright Coloring Brushes

Step 2 - Prepare to create your masterpiece!

  • Cut the door shape first! Make sure to note the placement of the door handle and if there is a window. Check the safety code to make sure you are allowed to cover the window. If there is a window, maybe you could cut some holes to meet any safety standards.
  • If the school’s fire code is strict, all of these door decorations can be turned into a giant poster instead.
  • To design the door you have two options: draw directly onto the large sheet of paper or have each student design a smaller sized piece of art (maybe on colored paper like the example below) that will be pasted onto the paper.
OOLY Fun Ways to Decorate the Door

Step 3 - Create it!

  • Let the inner artist out! There’s nothing more fun than creating art with your kids!
  • If you’d prefer, create stencils for the kids to cut and decorate. This is a great way to standardize the theme!
  • Handprints can be used to personalize each students’ contribution.
  • Time to pull out the markers, crayons or paints! Since there’s a lot of surface to cover, we recommend using the following:
Big Bright Brush Markers OOLY Big Bright Brush Markers Left Right Crayon OOLY Left Right Crayon Chunkies Paint Sticks OOLY Chunkies Paint Sticks
  • Having each student put a note expressing how much they appreciate their teacher is always touching for the teacher to see.
  • Extra wide tape will help keep your super-sized artwork in place!
Add that extra touch! Use the Pixie Paste Brush-On Glitter Glue to put a sparkle on your creation! OOLY How To Decorate for Teachers To get the kids excited, we highly recommend the Double Dip Ice Cream Scented Markers. OOLY Coloring

If students want to do even more to show their teachers how much they are appreciated, check out some fun products below!

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