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DIY Easter Baskets with Recycled Egg Cartons

DIY Easter Baskets with Recycled Egg Cartons

Lets Make a DIY Easter Basket Out of Egg Cartons

Recycling everyday items into holiday decorations is such fun for kids. Turning a cardboard egg carton into three DIY Easter baskets is simple with just a few supplies and materials. Once the baskets are complete, they make darling decorations as well as a great candy bowl. The Pixie Paste Glitter Glue are really what makes this project magical. Painted egg carton with glitter glue for DIY Easter basket

You will need the following supplies.

Poster paints egg carton and scissors; supplies needed for DIY Easter basket Cut the carton apart into three pieces, each with six egg compartments. Trim off the pointed tops, leaving holes - this is where you will add the handle later. Begin painting them by using the poster paints; mixing a solid color with white and dabbing the paint on rather than brushing. This will allow you to make the color as bright or as pastel as you want, more white will make the color lighter. Before the next step allow the paint to dry completely-it should dry pretty quickly. Pink, green and blue poster painted egg cartons for crafting project

Add Some Glitter

Now you can add the sparkle. Apply a thick later of Pixie Paste over the painted cartons. The brush is built into the lid for easy application. The paste is filled with magical glittery shimmers and shines and is available in 5 different colors. Closeup of star shaped glitter glue on a painted egg carton If desired, add some dimension around the rim of your cartons with dot-a-lot craft paints. When everything is totally dry, add a wire handle through the holes in the egg carton. Twist the wires underneath to hold them on. Use about 12 inches of wire for each one. Any wire will work. Tie ribbon bows on the wires. Finished DIY Easter basket painted from recycled egg cartons Fill the cartons with goodies! Easter eggs inside DIY Easter basket made with recycled egg carton and poster paint Laura Kelly is a doodle artist with a creative spirit. She spends her time making art and creating fun with her family and her Girl Scout troop. You can follow her blog at Me and My INKlings and find her on social media platforms @laurakellydesigns !

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