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DIY Fairy Lanterns and Vases Made With Paint and Recycled Jars

DIY Fairy Lanterns and Vases Made With Paint and Recycled Jars

DIY Fairy Lanterns/Flower Jars

These painted fairy lanterns (also can be used as flower jars) are made from glass jars that once contained items like spaghetti sauce and olives. I think that creating masterpieces from recycled items makes the process much more meaningful. With a splash of Poster Paint and a touch of Rainbow Sparkle Glitter Glue, the jars transform into fairy magic. Painted DIY flower vases made with recycled mason jars next to a pond

You will need the following supplies:

OOLY paint supplies and recycled mason jars for a flower vase project Start by painting large polka dots on the jars with poster paints. Of course, you can decide on any design you want to paint. The kids can join in and paint fairies or patterns too. Painting on mason jars with OOLY poster paint When the paint is dry, add Sparkle Glitter Glue to the polka dots a little bit at a time. It's better to do small amounts, then add more after it has dried if desired. Remember that fairies love sparkly things! Holding a set of OOLY Rainbow Sparkle Glitter Glue Next let it dry for several hours. After everything is dry, add colorful ribbon around the tops of the jars. You can tie bows or simply cut the ends on the diagonal for a cleaner look. Then you can fill the jars with fresh flowers from your garden or fave store. Finished flower vases painted with poster paint and glitter glue next to a pond The jars are perfect for candles too. This turns them into fairy lanterns for the evenings sitting out doors - so the fairies can see where they are dancing! DIY fairy lanterns made with recycled mason jars painted with poster paint and glitter glue Laura Kelly is a doodle artist with a creative spirit. She spends her time making art and creating fun with her family and her Girl Scout troop. You can follow her blog at Me and My INKlings and find her on social media platforms @laurakellydesigns !

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