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DIY New Years Eve Party Hats

DIY New Years Eve Party Hats
As you might have guessed from our Holiday Kids Table post, we love to work art into every celebration that we can! A few years ago we made some fabulous New Year's Eve masks and the kids get a real kick out of pulling them out each year to celebrate. So this year I decided we'd make some party hats to go with the masks. New Year's decorations are typically black, white, and metallic. But I knew that our kiddos would love to add some color in. OOLY's lil' Poster Paints in neon and glitter were the perfect starting point. Then I added in the Chunkies Paint Sticks and Modern Metallic Colored Pencils (because we still needed SOME metallic). I let the kids plunge right in. The colored blank party hat templates (we found a great printable template from Oh Happy Day) however they wanted. I love how quickly the paint sticks dried and the glitter paints made everything sparkly without leaving the sparkle everywhere else. As soon as they dried, I cut them out and taped them together with a little clear tape on the inside. Then I taped a piece of elastic cord to the inside, forming a loop long enough to go under the kids' chins and keep their party hats on. I love how different each hat looked after assembly—we are ready to party!!

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