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Easy DIY Dot-Painting Fireworks: A Fun Fourth of July Craft

Easy DIY Dot-Painting Fireworks:  A Fun Fourth of July Craft

Craft blog by: OOLY

Get ready to light up your Fourth of July celebrations with this festive DIY dot-paint fireworks craft! Using a mix of red, white, and blue paints, along with shimmering silver accents, this simple arts and crafts project brings the dazzling display of fireworks to life on paper. This fun and easy DIY craft is great for all ages and a fantastic way to enjoy some family time while celebrating the holiday. Grab your OOLY supplies and light up your Independence Day with bursts of color and fun!

Time Duration: 15 minutes 

Skill Level: Beginner

Other Items Needed: 

  •  Cotton Swab


Step 1: On a sheet of Black DIY Cover Sketchbook - Large, choose a central point to be the burst of your firework. From there, draw long, sweeping lines that go outward in all directions using OOLY Color Sheen Metallic Colored Pencils. Lines should vary in length depending on how big or small you want your fireworks to be.

Step 2: Using Paintology Acrylic Paint Set - Classic Colors - Set of 12, pick out the colors for your fireworks. While we used red, white, and blue to celebrate Independence Day, feel free to choose any colors that spark your imagination!

Step 3: With a cotton swab, select one color and add dots along one of the lines to mimic the explosion of fireworks in the night sky. Switch colors and repeat this process for each line until your entire firework is colored.

Step 4: To add extra vibrancy and glittery texture to your fireworks, use Silver Linings Outline Markers - Set of 6 to add additional lines and dots in between the paint clusters.

Step 5: Display your vibrant firework designs, adding a festive touch to your home this Fourth of July!

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