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Craft A Practical Teacher Appreciation Gift with OOLY!

Craft A Practical Teacher Appreciation Gift with OOLY!
It’s time to celebrate all the educators in your life this week! Teachers work hard all year round and now it’s our turn to show appreciation with the perfect gift that will remind them of that every day. Create this adorable, personalized DIY pen holder craft, the perfect way to thank them for their hard work (and help them stay organized too)! Help set them up for success the way they do for their students all year long. For creative inspiration and a step-by-step tutorial see below!


DIY Craft Steps:

STEP 1: Collect your OOLY and DIY craft items. STEP 2: Cut the top third of the cardboard box off. This could be any shape or size! STEP 3: Cut sketchbook paper to size and tape to cover the entire outside of the cardboard box. STEP 4: Cut cardboard tubes to size and then tape into the bottom of the cardboard box. STEP 5: Decorate and personalize! We used Make No Mistake Markers and Sticker Stash to decorate the pencil holder with the teacher’s name, words of appreciation and our favorite OOLY stickers! STEP 6: Fill with all your teacher’s favorite OOLY pens and gift packs such as Yummy Yummy Glitter Gel Pens, Rainbow Sparkle Glitter Markers and Note Pals. STEP 7: Send to school with your kiddo to give to their teacher in celebration of Teacher Appreciation Week! Teachers and educators are always working to help others. This is the ideal gift to show them how much it’s appreciated!

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