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Easy DIY Recycled Flower Planters

Easy DIY Recycled Flower Planters
Looking for a fun way to feature flowers in your home, or give flowers as a gift in a unique way? Here's an easy (and giftable!) recycled flower planter craft that you or your child can make from things you have at home. Using flowers from your garden and simple paper drawings, you can add color to a kitchen window, or brighten up someone's day. (These would be great as gifts from your child to their new teacher for the first day of school too!) I drew fun faces using OOLY’s Galaxy Writers Gel Pens on black paper from The Paper Works Sketchbook, but feel free to draw any kind of designs you like. Time to let your creativity loose!

Materials Needed to Create Recycled Flower Planters:

How to Make These Simple Recycled DIY Flower Planters:

1. Cut out pieces of black paper from OOLY’s Paper Works Sketchbook at about 6 1/4” x 4 1/4”. Draw faces in the center of the paper with OOLY’s Galaxy Writers gel pens. 2. Cut a sandwich bag in about half, push it into the tube and press the edges over the front of the tube. Staple it all along the edges. Adding a plastic lining will allow you to wet your floral foam. 3. Wrap the tube with your design and staple it to the tube on the back. 4. Cut a piece of floral foam to size, wet, then place it into the plastic lining. 5. Puncture holes in the foam with a skewer, being careful not to punch through the plastic lining. (You can also puncture holes in the foam before placing it into the lining to avoid potentially tearing the plastic.) 6. Insert flower stems into the holes in the floral foam.

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