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Easy Art Activities for the Last Days of Summer

Easy Art Activities for the Last Days of Summer
My kids and I spend our fair share of time doing elaborate art projects together. In fact, we just painted a huge sidewalk chalk mural in front of our house yesterday. And you might notice their technicolor hair in the photos that's been keeping me busy! Along with elaborate art projects, I also love to work on easy art activities when the kids are home. Whether the kids just need some independent time or we are looking for activities to take on the road, I like to have a few go-to projects that don't require a lot of set up or clean up! And OOLY has the perfect supplies to help out. Take a peak at a few of the projects we've got cooking.

Classic Coloring Books

This is a no brainer, but OOLY's travel coloring books are both sturdy and full of creative designs. We love how the 2 of A Kind Colored Pencils and Switch-Eroo Color Changing Markers pull double duty by packing twice the colors into one set.

Drawing Games

There are an endless number of games you can play with simple notepads. A few of our favorites include the progressive/collective drawing (everyone takes a turn drawing one thing and passes it on to the next player to pick the drawing up); the scribble game (scribble madly on the paper and then look for items to color within your scribbles); and our own version of win, lose, or draw. To change things up, consider some different drawing tools such as neon pencils, glitter markers, or oil pastels (we love OOLY Super Mix Oil Pastels that come in a carrying case for easy travel!).

Stationery Sets

Now is the perfect time to help kids practice reading and writing and get back into the swing of the school schedule. So getting them to write letters to friends and family is a perfect disguise! OOLY's new stationery kits are SO much fun -- quirky and full of opportunities to do art. They have everything you need to write and decorate a postcard or letter, including nostalgic click-color pens, all nestled in a great carrying case for travel. I hope these easy art activities help you breeze through the last days of summer and get you ready for back to school!

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