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The Gift She Really Wants for Mother’s Day - DIY Quiet Time Caddy

The Gift She Really Wants for Mother’s Day - DIY Quiet Time Caddy
Do you know what she really wants for Mother’s Day? A little bit of quiet time. She’s not asking for much. Even an hour or two will do. And it’s not that she doesn’t love you. It’s actually quite the opposite. She loves you so much, she knows the best thing she can do is take some time to refresh and rejuvenate so she can be the best version of herself. So this May 8th, why not give that special mother in your life what she really wants and needs, some quiet time. To help make that happen, we’ve put together two great gift options. Help Mom unwind and express her creative side with a coloring and drawing caddy. Or build a quiet time art caddy for the kids to keep busy while Mom puts up her feet and enjoys a book or a warm bath or a glass of wine--or all three. Just follow the easy steps below.


Whether it’s for Mom or the kids, you’ll want to start with a storage container that has both large and small openings to fit a variety of different-sized items. Portable bathroom carriers or utensil caddies are great options. Caddy Ideas: -Bamboo caddy that can be painted. -Elegant acacia caddy that can be reused for flatware. -Antique style galvanized caddy.


QUIET TIME COLORING CADDY FOR MOM For moms who could use a meditative break, create a customized quiet time caddy with all of her favorites. -Coloring Books: Our travel size coloring books are the perfect size to finish a coloring page in one sitting without getting a hand cramp. We have four great options to choose from based on what Mom loves: Cactus and Succulents, Urban Cities, Retro Summer Travel and Sweet Whimsy Travel. -Pens: When it comes to coloring, it’s important to have a wide selection of colors to choose from. Our Seriously Fine Felt Tip Markers come in 36 colors and are perfect for detailed pictures. Another great option for taking coloring to the next level is our Petite Point Fine Tip Gel Pens. Perfect for precise coloring. -Notebooks: Give Mom a stylish notebook for her to-do lists, and make note taking more glamorous with our Glamtastic Glitter notebooks in shades of gold, pink or blue. -Pencils: Note taking is much more fun when Rainbow Mechanical Pencils are involved. Our Rainbow Mechanical pencils are also great for coloring and drawing. -Erasers: And don’t forget to share the love with our I Heart Your Erasers. A little extra touch that Mom will love.

QUIET TIME ART CADDY FOR THE KIDS When it comes to keeping the kids quiet and busy, the key is to create fun that doesn’t have to be supervised. We’ve got you covered. Sketchbook: Kids love when they can look back at the art they’ve made, so make sure to include a sketchbook in their quiet time caddy. Our DIY Cover Sketchbooks are a creative option that allows kids to customize the cover to their own style. Stickers: If there’s one thing you can never have too many of, it’s stickers. From glow in the dark stickers to Itsy Bitsy alphabet and animal stickers we have what you need to made your art caddy a hit. Stampables Markers: When markers join together in harmony with stamps, you get our incredibly beloved Stampables. With a marker on one end and a stamp on the other, our Stampables are perfect for drawing and stamping with half the amount of supplies and no mess. Color Appeel Crayons: Not your average crayon, our Color Appeel Crayons are made with high-grade wax for bolder colors and smoother coloring. And they’re long lasting, when the crayon starts to wear down you just pull the string to peel away the paper. Chunkies Paint Sticks: Our Chunkies Paint Sticks have all the fun of painting without the mess and clean-up, something all moms can appreciate.

STEP 3: DECORATE and don’t forget a card!

Dress up your quiet time caddy with a little washi tape bunting or a chalkboard sticker. For the washi tape bunting, simply fold washi tape over a piece of twine and cut out a triangle from the bottom. If you use a chalkboard sticker, you can write on it with our Precious Metals Metallic Markers or our Neon Chalkables Liquid Chalk Markers. Kids art supply basket with crayons, markers, paint sticks, stickers and a card for mother's day. And most importantly, make Mom a card. Be sure to tell her all the wonderful reasons why you love her and want her to have special relaxation time...any day, not just on Mother’s Day.

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