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Inspire Your Heart with Art Every Day with OOLY

Inspire Your Heart with Art Every Day with OOLY

We don’t make mistakes, just happy little accidents. ~Bob Ross

On January 31, OOLY will celebrate National Inspire Your Heart With Art Day because at the heart of OOLY is a passion to inspire creativity and self-expression for all. Art, by definition, is the expression of human creative skill and imagination, typically in a visual form such as painting or sculptures, producing works to be appreciated primarily for their beauty or emotional power. So whether a piece of art has inspired you or the actual creation of art is your inspiration, art at the end of the day has the power of inspiration on many levels. How does art affect your heart? How can you celebrate Inspire Your Heart with Art Day this year? Here are a few inspirational ideas… ❤️: Celebrate the art around you The beginning quote from LOVE ACTUALLY comes to mind…”If you look for it, I've got a sneaky feeling you'll find that love actually is all around.” You know what, so is art! Photographs, murals, paintings, pottery, drawings, poetry…the list could go on because we are always surrounded by the creative expressions from artists. ❤️: Celebrate your inner creativity Your skill level does not matter when you are creating. From drawing to painting, dancing to knitting, let your heart take control and express your inner artist. If you are still looking for something to ignite that creativity, OOLY has all the tools to inspire and create. DRAWING: OOLY has ALL the drawing supplies for beginners to skilled illustrators.
  • Modern Metallics: A unique colored pencil set with 12 unique colors that'll leave a glistening sheen.
  • Pastel Hues: Choose from a set of 12 or 24 to add a subtle hue to any of your works.
PAINTING: Painting has so many mediums and OOLY has several vignettes of amazing paints for kiddos and adults.
  • Chunkies: A bestseller for OOLY, Chunkies are perfect for little hands and are mess-free!
  • Chroma Blends: Just add water to the Chroma Blend pencils, markers or palettes to create art inspired by your heart.
SCULPTING: Within the CREATIBLES product line, the easy-to-use clay kit is great for any age.
  • Creatibles DIY Air Dry Clay Kit: Let your imagination take control because with the 12 different colors of clay the sky really is the limit in what you can create.
WRITING: Poetry comes from the heart but OOLY can help you put that on paper!
  • Radiant Writers: The eight radiant colors in this gel pen set will bring glittery life and happiness to anything you write.
  • Modern Script Fountain Pens + Journal: Write in style with this fountain pen set. The 3 black ink fountain pens come in metallic Gold, Rose Gold and Silver are perfectly matched with a slim 60 page Gold and Silver ombré journal.
❤️: Celebrate local artists You might know a local artist but not actually know they are an artist! Artists are everywhere, so, keep an eye out for local markets, research your local arts charities, support arts programs in your community and schools. These small amounts of support continue inspiring on so many levels. ❤️: Celebrate by learning You can learn about art in so many different formats. Take a class on water coloring, drawing, mixed media or photography. Starting with a class to see what inspires YOU will continue to energize your creativity. ❤️: Celebrate by visiting your hometown art galleries, art museums, ballet or theater. Artist galleries pop up from time to time in cities and are a great way to see artists from around the world with different artist exhibitions. Art museums are a wonderful place to see some of the most famous pieces. Ballet and dance companies are a different way to experience art but it is art, all the same. And not to mention a theater, from big Broadway shows that make their way across the country to attending the local high school's spring play. Celebrating art, in our opinion, should not just be done on national days. In fact, you can celebrate art and let it inspire your heart every day by just looking around you! Celebrate art with OOLY!

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