Kids Can Journal Too - Tips to Start Their Journey

Kids Can Journal Too - Tips to Start Their Journey

Inspire kids to start a journal

I find my boys’ doodles and drawings from one end of the house to the other. As they learned how to write, notes and lists appeared also. Helping kids start a journal gives them a way to save and value their artistic efforts. OOLY Unicorn Pocket Pal Journals with Yummy Gel Pens and Unicorn Note Pals

Starting with the right notebook is key to success!

For younger kids, I recommend a small journal like these Pocket Pals notebooks. Smaller journals fill up quickly, giving kids a sense of accomplishment. They aren’t as daunting as a large notebook. With fun Pocket Pals sets like Monster, Unique Unicorns, and GRL PWR, kids could even invite a group of friends over for a journaling play date or party! Girl Power stationery and journals with OOLY pens, gel pens and stickers Older kids and those already interested in journaling will love the larger Flipside Double Sided Notebook. Because it has both lined and blank pages, they can doodle, draw, or write to their heart’s content with the flip of a cover!

Family Movie Night journal made with hand drawn popcorn with OOLY pens

Get kids invested in their notebook by suggesting they decorate it!

Girl Power OOLY stickers on a Glamtastic glitter journal Let kids personalize their journals by decorating the outside and inside covers. Itsy Bitsy stickers of all kinds including alphabet stickers, and scented stickers add to the fun of journaling. Plus, the stickers themselves can become writing prompts or page headers. Place the World Changer sticker from the GRL PWR pack on a page and have kids brainstorm ways they can make a difference. Kids can journal about their favorite animals and decorate the page with zoo stickers. Or any theme they have an interest in from bugs to fairy tales.

Offer a variety of writing tools so their entries are vivid and exciting

Yummy Yummy Glitter Gel Pens on a desktop with a Flipside journal My boys love using a variety of pens and pencils in their journals. Monster pencils that match their notebooks are exciting; pair with themed erasers so that even their little mistakes can be entertaining to erase! OOLY monster themed writing accessories with monster pens, pocket journal and more Gel pens write smoothly and keep small hands from getting tired. Glitter pens add a texture element to the pages. Scented highlighters and scented pens can even inspire doodle entries like my son’s fruit-themed page! He tried to draw a fruit to match every pen scent in the set! Drawing of fruit made on a notebook with OOLY gel pens

Give kids inspiration for journal entries – some kids just need a little help getting started:

  • Address book pages
  • Collections
  • Daily Tasks
  • Bucket Lists
  • Name lists
  • Goals lists
  • Wish lists
Kids journal made on a pocket notebook with OOLY pens Kids journal bucket list in a pocket notebook with OOLY pens Kids journal address book in a pocket notebook and monster pen

Stay organized for continued journaling fun!

Unicorn pocket notebook with unicorn sticky tabs used for bookmarks Help kids keep their journals organized by showing them how to create an index, or by using page headers. Mark off sections with monster, unicorn, or animal themed Note Pals Sticky Tabs! Adorable little animal faces peeking out from a page invites little ones to open up and doodle or write! We used the On A Roll Decorative Sticker Tape to add decorations and dividers between sections. Each pack comes with several patterns so kids get several dΓ©cor options.

Colorful unicorn kids journal made with a pocket notebook and colorful OOLY pens

Let little kids in on the action!

Kid putting together journal with alphabet stickers onto a pocket notebook Even little kids can keep a journal! My six-year-old who isn’t proficient at writing and reading yet loved to narrate entries for me to write down for him. He also enjoyed using alphabet stickers to spell his name. As he says, β€œI just like sticking things into my journal.” (Then he often wants me to write down a story about those stickers!).

Encourage kids to take their journaling on the go!

OOLY stickers and other writing supplies inside a blue zipper pouch My kids stay invested in their crafts if their supplies stay neat and organized. The Mighty Zipper Pouch is fantastic for organizing their journals, pens and pencils, erasers, and sticker sets. Everything stays tidy in this three-compartment pouch and zips up for storage or transport. My boys tell me their favorite part of journaling is that they can write or draw whatever they want! And that’s just how it should be. Set kids up with creative supplies, offer a few ideas, and then let creativity take over – because it will! Julie Kieras is a mom, writer, and educator who loves to get crafty. She homeschools her two boys and aims to bring art and creativity to their daily lessons. For more arts and crafts fun, follow her blog at Happy Strong Home and her social media @juliekieras (Instgram/Pinterest) or @happystronghome (Facebook/Twitter).

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