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Letter Art - Learning the Alphabet The Fun Way

Letter Art - Learning the Alphabet The Fun Way

Back to School Letter Art Challenge

Make Letters Fun Again! Teachers and parents, here's a fun and creative idea for kids during this back to school season. All your children will need is a sketchbook and some colorful OOLY art supplies to get them on their way! Challenge your kids to create letter art for as many letters of the alphabet as they can. They can either choose to represent the letters of their name, a favorite character or try to tackle the entire alphabet. Ice cream, rain and mermaid letter art for kids in OOLY sketchbooks Dog and Cat Carry Along Sketchbooks from OOLY


Drawing the letter R in kids letter art for alphabet learning

Start With A Pencil Outline

The easiest way to start, is to brainstorm a clever subject for each letter that is drawn. Think animals, food or weather related shapes. For instance 'R' for 'Rainbow', 'M' for 'Mermaid' or 'I' for 'Ice Cream'. Using a pencil, lightly outline your letter art idea. Using a permanent marker, retrace the lines so that your creation can be colored in or painted and maybe apply glitter as a finishing touch. Coloring the letter R with OOLY Big Bright Brush Markers

Get Creative with Color

Have fun experimenting with different art supplies that correlate to your artwork. For instance, the Kaleidoscope Pencils work perfectly to color a rainbow! Big Brush Markers can be used for bright and colorful details and they are easy for little hands to hold. The Chroma Blends Watercolors will really make your creations pop! Since the watercolors come in Neon or Pearlescent you can decide on the wow factor! Mermaid letter art for kids colored with OOLY Big Bright Brush Markers I for ice cream letter art made with OOLY watercolor paints

Make it Special

For an extra special touch to your letter art, add some Pixie Paste (glittery glue) on top for some extra bling! Adding Pixie Paste glitter glue on mermaid letter art for kids Finished kids letter art craft with OOLY art supplies Teachers can use this technique in the classroom with every child doing their first intial. Then hang them around the classroom for some colorful learning. Hang them up at home too to re-enforce the learning of the letters. And the fun thing about this challenge, is that it can be created on the go. Have the kids bring their sketchbooks in the car for long trips to promote creativity. Need some additional inspiration? Here are some bonus letter ideas to get you started: Cat, seahorse and owl letter art for kids in sketchbooks **Don't forget to tag OOLY and Lady Lucas on Instagram so we can check out your creations!** If you enjoyed this post, I’d love to invite you to check out my artwork and OOLY‘s awesome feed on Instagram for daily creative fun and inspiration! xo Lady Lucas

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