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Personalized Flowers Make a Great Mother's Day Craft and Gift

Personalized Flowers Make a Great Mother's Day Craft and Gift
Mother's Day Craft - Personalized Bouquet Wrap There will be a lot of flowers given this Mother’s Day, so why not make it more personal with a fun Mother's Day craft. You can personalize your own flower bouquet from these four printable flower wraps for the perfect Mother's Day gift. All the wraps say Happy Mother’s Day and consist of a floral pattern, triangular graphic, hearts, and a blank page. Each is ready for any artist to personalize.

Free Printable Mother's Day Bouquet WrapColorable Hand Wrap with Color Splash Watercolor Pencils and The Brush Works Paintrbrushes

Add Color to Your DIY Bouquet Wrap with Watercolor Pencils

We started with the floral graphic and the Chroma Blends Mechanical Watercolor Pencils and Lil Paint Brush Set were perfect for coloring it. We colored part of the flowers and leaves and then brought in a wet paintbrush to spread the color and fill them in more. Working with these watercolor pencils gives your artwork more depth with a watercolor effect.

Colorable Hand Wrap with Color Splash Watercolor Pencils and The Brush Works PaintrbrushesColored Mother's Day Bouquet Wrap with Color Splash Watercolor Pencils

Wrap the Flowers to Make Your Personalized Bouquet

To assemble our bouquet we added an optional black paper under our colored picture to make our artwork stand out more. First we secured our flower stems together with a rubber band and then placed them on the papers at an angle. We wrapped the papers around the flowers and used washi tape to hold it closed!
How to Wrap Colored Mother's Day Bouquet Wrap
Finished Mother's Day Craft - Personalized Flower Bouquet Wrap

A Fun Mother's Day Craft for Kids Too

My 5 year old chose to color the triangular pattern mostly with shades of blue with a few hints of pink and purple. We colored in parts of the triangles with the pencils and then he was excited to use the wet paintbrush (or “magic wand” as we called it) to magically spread the color. I love the way the colors blend together. To finish this bouquet we used yarn and pom-poms to hold it closed.
Colored Bouquet Wrap with Color Splash Watercolor Pencils
For my two-year old, I gave him a print that he could make his personal marks all over and it would still look great. He used the heart graphic and chose to use OOLY Mini Monsters Scented Markers (a favorite around our house) to color his wrap. We used string to tie it together.
Mother's Day DIY Bouquet Wrap with Mini Monsters Scented Markers
Download the Flower Wrap Prints here! If you are on Instagram, we would love to see how you create your bouquets! Whether it be a bouquet of dandelions, as my son often gives me, or flowers from your garden…tag your photo #CreateYourHappy and be sure to follow along with me and OOLY for more creative ideas!

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