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Rainbow Crafts for Anyone

hand holding rainbow made out of paper plate with art supplies in background
Who doesnโ€™t love a good rainbow? Their bright colors never fail to make me happy! Whether you are crafting to brighten up your home or your classroom, these craft ideas are sure to inspire! Today I have put together some fun rainbow crafts for you to enjoy. I love that these crafts can be done by both children & adults!

hand holding rainbow made out of paper plate with art supplies in background

Rainbow Paper Plate

Items needed: Step 1: Cut your paper plate in half. Step 2: Draw lines on your paper plate to create the outline of your rainbow. I suggest doing this for your child as well to help guide them. Step 3: Color in the rainbow using as many colors as you want with the Mighty Mega Markers. These markers are also great for small hands to grip. Step 4: Glue cotton balls to both ends of your rainbow. Add as many as youโ€™d like!

rainbow caterpillar on red bark with googly eyes

Rainbow Caterpillar

Items needed: Step 1: Cut your egg carton in half long ways. Step 2: Paint it using as many colors as youโ€™d like using Lilโ€™ Poster Paint Pods and let it dry. Step 3: Glue some googly eyes to one end of your egg carton. Step 4: Poke two holes above the googly eyes to hold the pipe cleaners (antenna). This one is one of my favorites! You can expand on this activity by talking with your child about the butterfly lifecycle. We placed ours in the garden next to our strawberry plant.

rainbow and words draw on white paper bag with rainbow markers

DIY Birthday Gift Bags & Cards

This one is a little different than the others in that you can get creative and completely make it your own. We have been making these for friends and family. These have been super fun to customize for birthdays! Items needed: Step 1: Create your own design on the bag. You can even write Happy Birthday and the personโ€™s name that it is for. Step 2: Make a customized card to go with your bag. Donโ€™t forget to include who itโ€™s from!

rainbows on white paper with markers on white table

Number Rainbow Matching Game

If you have a toddler or a preschooler, this one is perfect for them and so fun to make! Items needed: Step 1: Make a rainbow with two clouds on each end (I like to make the clouds first). This works best on white paper. Step 2: Color your rainbow, leaving the clouds blank. Step 3: Write a number on one cloud and then make that many hearts on the other cloud. For example, if you write the number 4 on one cloud, then make 4 hearts on the other cloud. Step 4: Do this as many times for as many numbers as youโ€™d like your little one to practice. Step 5: Cut your paper in half so that your child will have to match the number to the correct number of dots. This is an activity you can expand on! If your child knows letters, you can do uppercase vs. lowercase letters. You can even write an equation on one cloud and the answer on the other cloud. The possibilities for this are endless!

rainbow watercolor on white paper

Rainbow Watercolor

This activity is a classic! I remember doing this as a child and still enjoy it as an adult. Items needed: Step 1: You can begin by making a watercolor rainbow with as many colors as youโ€™d like. Step 2: Let it dry and hang up on your fridge to display your childrenโ€™s artwork. Displaying your childโ€™s artwork shows your support for their artwork and it is a great way to boost their confidence & self-esteem!

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