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Rainy Day Activities for Kids

Indoor Fun for Kids

Living in Southern California, we are lucky to have some unbelievably beautiful weather, but even we get our rainy/winter months where the sun doesn't always shine through! My kids actually love when it rains because they are able to get out the umbrellas and rain boots. And for me, I like to get out the rainy day crafts that reflect the colorful world outside that will no doubt come back very soon. We often look for cool projects and art supplies that help wash away the rainy day boredom.

Writing On Glass is Really Fun!

With Rainy Dayz Crayons, you can write all sorts of fun messages and drawings on windows and glass. Our favorite product is the Rainy Dayz Gel Crayons for writing on the windows. It may sound a bit crazy, but it’s so adorable to see all of their beautiful murals and drawings on display for days and then to easily wash them off when the time has come to finally “clean up”. They also work great on mirrors so it’s a great way to surprise a loved one and leave them a sweet message! The set comes in 12 vibrant colors

Watercolor Painting with Glitter Markers

My girls love a great set of watercolor paints and the lil’ Watercolor Paint Pods are just lovely. They contain a full spectrum of 36 pastel colored paints with a fine tipped brush included. All of this comes packaged in an easy to carry, reusable case. So when the rain washes down our windows outside, inside we are able to create beautiful, watery artwork that is easy to use and lets their inner Monet to shine through. Use Glitzy Glitter Markers to add some sparkle to your watercolor art projects. After painting a rainy scene, we highlighted the artwork with our Glitzy Glitter Markers, which has liquid ink that lays down a glittery color finish and makes the painting come alive with sparkle!

Gel Crayons that are Watercolor Crayons Too

You can color with Sparkle Watercolor Gel Crayons. Add some color for an amazing sparkly watercolor effect. To round out our water effect art supplies, my girls absolutely go nuts for the vibrant, silky smooth Sparkle Watercolor Gel Crayons. These are the best! A truly amazing gift that a person of any age would be thrilled to get. The secret to these unbelievable crayons is that they are made from a solidified gel so they are bolder and smoother than regular crayons. Your hand practically glides across the page! Then you add a wet brush for a magic watercolor effect that has a hint of sparkle. The set comes with 12 crayons and as a bonus they will also write on black paper. We made cool tie dye paper that reminded my girls of Easter eggs. So when it’s rainy outside and the kids can’t go out to play, bring the sunshine inside and let them use some of these cool watercolor art supplies to inspire creativity and fun indoors! Happy April Showers!

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