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Señor Don Gato the Printable Paper Doll Craft

Señor Don Gato the Printable Paper Doll Craft
Have room for a fun character to hang with? It’s my pleasure to show you how to create and color your Señor Don Gato printable paper doll craft. So who is Don Gato? Well, when I was in elementary school I learned a song about this cat, Señor Don Gato, who is from Spanish and Mexican folklore. I always imagined him as an elegant Renaissance cat prince from the 16th century whose clothing need plenty of sparkle, metallic hues and gemstone download the free printable to get started with your own Don Gato.

These are the supplies I used for my Don Gato cat paper doll:

OOLY crafting supplies, gel pens, brush markers, gel crayons and markers with glue and other items Print out Don Gato figure onto card stock or trace onto poster board. If you have traced it with a pencil or even printed it on the card stock go over the outline with one of the fine tipped markers from The Ink Works or other black marker. The darker outline will help you see where to color him in; and where to cut when the time comes. Don Gato printable paper doll with OOLY Ink Works Markers Now the fun begins! Color him! I like to use scrap paper to test colors or see how certain colors will work together for blending or contrasting to create interest or textures. Another technique I have discovered is that a cotton swab works well to blend the gel crayons either to smooth the colors together or blend them into a new color. Blended Don Gato paper doll with Sparkle Watercolor Gel Crayon and cotton swab You can do lots of nice detailing with the Color Lustre Metallic Markers with their fine tips and the Yummy Scented Gel Pens add sparkly hues. Try adding dots or stripes in contrasting colors to add some pizazz. Try using a pointed instrument like a small scratch tool or a needle to create textures in the crayon colored in area by scratching patterns into the already colored sections, here I made a cross-hatch pattern in the bright pink area. .Colored paper doll craft with Yummy Yummy Gel Pen and an awl for texture Cut your Don Gato out and then use an awl or something sharp to poke holes where the black dots are in the pattern. These holes will be where we put the brads to attach the arms and legs. Color the brads if you like with the multi-surface markers to contrast or blend with the clothing. Don Gato colored paper doll craft in pieces Then you are ready to put him together. Pop the brads in the appropriate holes and Don Gato can move and come to life. For finishing touches you could add bits of elastic for whiskers and a tail. If you use elastic thread to hang him from his cap; he will be bouncy or cord will work as well. Have fun with him! Finished Don Gato paper doll craft held together with brads For more adventures with Don Gato and Doña Anna, his lady love; please visit them on my site. Also I’d love to connect with you on Twitter @AnninaLuck & IG and FB too!

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