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Sticker Away, the OOLY Way!

Sticker Away, the OOLY Way!

Stickers, Stickers, Everywhere!

OOLY invites you to recognize all the ways that stickers make their mark on our everyday lives! No matter where you place them, stickers are a great way to express yourself or convey a special message. They help show off your interests, voice the things that are precious to you, inspire you, and make you and your friends laugh. How do you stickerize your life?

How to Stickerize the OOLY Way:

  1. Create a sticker collage!: Open to a blank page in your favorite notebook or journal, and start sticking your favorite stickers all over. This is also a great way to create a mood board.
  2. Exchange them: Celebrate stickers every day by sharing your favorites with your friends and family. Gift them, trade them, and share.
  3. Collect them: We love to collect things that we treasure the most, and stickers definitely fall under this category. Collect the designs you love and save them for the perfect stickerizing opportunity.
  4. Create your very own sticker challenge: Bring your sticker-loving pals together through a fun challenge of your making. Make a fun scavenger hunt using your favorite stickers.
It’s time to refresh your sticker stash, gift your friends, and share your love for stickers on social media (and don’t forget to use these hashtag: #OOLY and #OOLYcreateyourhappy.

OOLY Stickers to Show Off All Personalities

Our Sticker Stash line provides a fun and creative mix of themes that will help you express yourself. They are perfect for collecting, saving, and sticking to your favorite places and things. Each kit holds a smorgasbord of over 200 styles of cuteness including vinyl stickers, cute puffy stickers, and pages of adorable paper stickers, plus a handy sticker keeper. You’ll love one of our four fun options:
  • The Wanderlust Sticker Stash set features travel accessories stickers, travel attractions stickers, and travel transportation stickers, and more colorful fun stickers for decorating statements.
  • The Girl Boss Sticker Stash set of stickers is the perfect collection for planners, journals, and decorating. Decorate the family calendar or share some of the fun with friends on a note or letter.
  • The Indoorsy Sticker Stash set features coffee cup stickers, donut stickers, and charming cats stickers, plus more at-home fun objects.
  • The Quirky Fun Sticker Stash set features fun sweets to eat stickers, happy rainbow stickers, and yummy fast food stickers, for off-the-wall colorful fun decorating.
For those who want to decorate their world and make it smell amazing, check out our Scented Stickers line! Each set has 6 paper sticker sheets, 1 vinyl sticker sheet, 1 puffy sticker sheet plus a handy reusable folder for safekeeping. We have nine adorable options: Let the sticker fun begin!

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