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Creative Learning to Help Prevent the Summer Slide

Creative Learning to Help Prevent the Summer Slide
At the end of every school year I try to help our kids avoid the infamous summer slide by spending a little time each day working on math, reading, and writing. But I also recognize that they've worked so hard all year and I aim to make it at least a little more playful, and OOLY has the perfect colorful school supplies to do just that! We do a variety of activities, but I always find workbooks to be a good supplement to the other games and projects we have planned for the summer.
Girl writing in workbook with lil' Juicies scented erasers in front

Using Color to Prevent the Summer Slide

This year I started out by giving the kids some fun pencils (these Stay Sharp pencils made me so nostalgic for the refillable ones of my youth!). They don't need sharpening! Then I added some super cute erasers, Lil' Juicies fruit scented erasers and the Petite Sweets Ice Cream erasers , they are so summery. Cami even used the erasers as a math manipulative for her addition and subtraction problems (e.g. you left home with 5 erasers and ended up at school with 3 erasers, how many did you lose?). Girl using workbook learning to prevent summer slide Children working on creative learning projects using workbooks and colorful school supplies We usually use markers and colored pencils when workbooks call for color, but the kids also loved trying OOLY's Jumbo Juicy Scented Highlighters for reading and math. They are easy to hold and have great vibrant neon colors and fruity scents just make things more enjoyable!
Colorful stickies and stamps in school lesson plan workbook
A big motivating factor for summer work is that the kids each get to pick a prize for completing their workbooks, so keeping track of their progress is key. OOLY's Note Pals sticky tabs let them keep their spot and tag other key reference pages in their workbooks. They also got a big kick out of me giving them a sticker and some stamps with the Star Struck scented highlighters when they finished a lesson.
Just a few colorful accessories go along way to making summer work and learning a little more fun!

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