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Sweet Hearts Valentine’s Day Card

Valentine's Day card next to a colorful ribbon and paints
Craft blog by: Karen Downs @karen_crafts10 on Instagram The Valentine’s Day Card is one of the most popular displays of affection and love given on February 14th. It has many forms, various shapes, and comes in sizes big and small. Valentine’s Day Cards can be store bought, digital, or handmade with love. I’ve given all these versions of Valentine’s Day Cards (dependending on who was getting it), but my favorite is by far the hand made card. In general, I think cards make for a really easy art project that combines crafting and gifting - two of my favorite things. Since I have a lot of love to share, I appreciate a simple Valentine’s Day card that I can make quickly and easily. This fun art project requires minimal time and minimal supplies, but is still festive, colorful, and full of love. It also makes a great painting craft for kids! Time Duration: 20 minutes Skill Level: Intermediate OOLY Products Needed: Other Items Needed:
  • Scissors (adult supervision required)
  • Cardstock
Step 1: Grab a sheet of the thick, premium Chroma Blends Watercolor Paper and cut it into a 3.75 x 4.5 card base.
Step 2: Get out your prettiest art and craft paint. I love the Chroma Blends Watercolor Paint Set - Pearlescent. The colors are rich, vibrant, and have just the right amount of sweet shimmer. You can pick any colors you like, but I’m feeling some colorful vibes today, so I am going with red, pink, orange, yellow, green, and blue for a rainbow effect.
Step 3: Next, it’s time to paint some hearts! Using the paint brush, paint and color in the first heart, and let dry for a few minutes (or use a dryer to speed the drying process). Letting it dry allows you to overlap the hearts without smearing the colors. Repeat five more times with the other colors until you have a line of six hearts. Step 4: Now it’s time to write your love note! Using the 1.0 Ink Works marker, write a sweet, simple message of your choice below the row of hearts. “Happy Valentine’s Day” is a classic!
Step 5: To create an elevated look, I like to mount the hand drawn card on a piece of cardstock using foam adhesive or tape. After attaching it to a red card base (4.75 x 5) my Valentine’s Day Card is ready to go! That’s all there is to making a pretty, colorful, and sweet Valentine’s Day Card! This simple gesture goes such a long way to showing your special someone you care. While you may be tempted to keep this fun art project to yourself, don’t forget that this makes a fantastic and fun DIY project for kids as well. Everyone will want a chance to share their love! We would love to see photos of your craft projects! Tag us on Instagram at @WeAreOOLY using #OOLYcreateyourhappy.

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