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OOLY LIL Watercolor Paint PadOOLY LIL Watercolor Paint Pad paper
Lil' Watercolor Paint Pad Sale price$7.60 Regular price$8.95
Save 15%
OOLY Mighty Mega Markers set of 8 in packagingOOLY Mighty Mega Markers in use
Mighty Mega Markers Sale price$8.45 Regular price$9.95
Rainy Dayz Gel CrayonsColorful Rainy Dayz Gel Crayons lined up out of packaging
Rainy Dayz Gel Crayons Sale price$21.95
Astronaut ClickIt Eraser, 4 designs in a row.Erasing with the Astronaut ClickIt Eraser!
Astronaut ClickIt Eraser Sale price$2.50
Dainty Donut pencil eraser set with 6 different styles and vanilla scentedHand holding all Dainty Donuts Erasers
OOLY Big Bright Brush Markers in packagingOOLY Big Bright Brush Markers outside of packaging
Big Bright Brush Markers Sale price$12.95
Save 15%
Pastel Liners Dual Tip marker and highlighter setPastel Liner markers lined up in a row
Pastel Liners Dual Tip Markers Sale price$11.00 Regular price$12.95
Package of Color Appeel peelable wax crayons. Set of 12Color Appeel Crayons
Color Appeel Crayons Sale price$11.95
OOLY Funtastic Friends 6 click penOOLY Funtastic Friends 6 click pen Hot Pink
scentedSave 15%
OOLY Totally Taffy Gel Pens in new cardstock packagingTotally Taffy Scented Gel Pens
Totally Taffy Scented Gel Pens Sale price$7.60 Regular price$8.95
bestsellerscentedSave 15%
OOLY Rainbow Scoops Vanilla Scented Stacking Erasable CrayonsOOLY Rainbow Scoops Vanilla Scented Stacking Erasable Crayons
Chunkies Paint Sticks Neon 6 pack  in packagingChunkies Paint Sticks Neon 6 pack without packaging
Black, green, red, and blue Comic Attack ClickIt ErasersComic Attack ClickIt Erasers with star designs within the eraser
lil Poster Paint Pod set with 12 poster paint colors and a paintbrushlil' Poster Paint Pods
lil' Poster Paint Pods Sale price$12.95
Cute Doodles Sketch and Show Standing Sketchbook coverSketch & Show Standing Sketchbook - Cute Doodle World
The 6 Click Gel Pen is a multi colored pen with 6 different gel ink colors.6 Click Gel Pen with artistic freehand designs
Icy Pops Puzzle Eraser with 4 take-apart popsicle shaped erasers that smell like fruit2 Icy Pop pencil erasers with mix and match colors
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Macarons Vanilla Scented Erasers in a set of 66 colorful Macarons Scented Erasers
Macarons Vanilla Scented Erasers Sale price$4.20 Regular price$4.95
bestsellerSave 15%
OOLY Chunkies Paint Sticks Pastel in packagingOOLY Chunkies Paint Sticks Pastel out of packaging
Chunkies Paint Sticks - Pastel - Set of 6 Sale price$6.75 Regular price$7.95
Front of Panda sketchbookOpen tab on the Panda sketchbook
Creatibles DIY Eraser Kit is a simple and complete kit for making your own erasers with 12 different colored claysOpen set of Creatibles DIY Eraser Kit with monster erasers
Creatibles DIY Eraser Kit Sale price$14.95
Set of 12 Color Luxe colored gel pens with fine tips in new packagingColor Luxe fine tip gel pens in a rainbow pattern
Color Luxe Gel Pens Sale price$15.95
Unique Unicorns strawberry scented unicorn erasers with a large rainbow eraserHands cupping unique unicorns erasers
Save 15%
OOLY Sugar Joy Click it erasersOOLY Sugar Joy Click it eraser in pink
Sugar Joy ClickIt Eraser Sale price$2.12 Regular price$2.50

When it comes to setting your kids on a road to homeschool success, look no further than the colorful world of OOLY school supplies. Inspire your school students with a world of writing supplies, colored pencils, markers and organizational products for a more personal education and fun with learning.

Colorful and inspirational supplies for homeschool success

OOLY has the homeschool supplies you need for an at-home education like no other. The expected school needs are all here but with all the cute and colorfulness from OOLY you love such as graphite pencils, erasers, gel pens and more. But a homeschool education can offer a more personal touch and OOLY has the homeschool supplies that inspire throughout the school year.

Children learn and retain school lessons when more of their senses are stimulated. Engage your homeschool children with the Creatibles Air Dry Clay Kit for any creative lesson ideas you may have. And Stampables Double-Ended Markers offer a creative way to apply fun stamping action with any math problem solving.

Pencil mistakes are going to be made; that’s a given in any school setting. So why not have cute erasers for your homeschool kids? ClickIt erasers make erasing pencil mistakes a quick click away. Rainbow Glitter Gem erasers offer a dazzling pencil eraser option with strawberry scented erasers inside a glittery barrel.