Pastel Hues Dual Tip Markers - Set of 12

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Suggested Age 6+

Pastel Hues Dual Tip Markers - Set of 12 - Crafts & Activities

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Three Pastel Butterfly paper crafts hanging on the wall next to other decorations and plants

Positively Pastel Butterfly Craft for Kids

Craft blog by: Emilee Peterman (@emilee.mitchel) Spring brings me so much joy! The blooming flowers, the warming weather, and the emerging butterflies and baby animals, fill me to the brim with all...

Create Pastel Works of Art

A pastel-colored work of art awaits when you use these intelligently designed double-ended markers.

Organizing, Crafting & Gifting

These dual-tipped markers ensure that you are not limited by your tools when you are organizing your planner or creating your work of art.

Fine & Chisel Tips

Every pastel marker in this set of 12 has a dual tip - one end has a fine point, the other a bold chisel tip - meaning that you can adjust your drawing just by flipping the marker from one end to the other!

A Rainbow of Colors

This set of 12 pastel markers features a gorgeous range of soft pastel colors - including purples, blues, and greens.