little artist coloring set


little artist coloring set

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Art Gift Set for Toddlers

Start your toddler off with their artistic talents early with a coloring set that’s cute and petite just like them. The Little Artist Coloring Set is the perfect way to get your child to express their creativity. This creative gift set includes a set of Chunkies Paint Sticks, Brilliant Bee Crayons and two Doodle Pad Duo Sketchbooks. Suggested for ages 3 to 5.

The Chunkies Paint Stick set is like painting with a crayon. The quick drying paint comes in a twist up casing with a thick barrel; it’s perfect for little hands. Chunkies are a great way to introduce toddlers to painting without the mess.
Brilliant Bee Crayons are a set of 24 wax crayons with an ergonomic shape. The crayons won't roll away and they're easy to hold. It makes coloring fun and easy.
Doodle Pad Duo Sketchbook - Adventurous Pets is a pair of sketchbooks featuring puppies in space and cats under water; a truly fun inspiration for creativity for your toddler. There's 32 pages at 8.25 by 11.5 inches of blank paper waiting for your toddler's creative imagination.

Bonus OOLY Eraser
Included in the gift set is a 3.5 by 2 inch OOLY eraser.

  • Toddler Art Gift Set
  • Chunkies Paint Sticks, Brilliant Bee Crayons and 2 Doodle Pad Duo Sketchbooks - Adventurous Pets
  • Suitable for Ages 3 and Up

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