stickiville lil bananas stickers


stickiville lil bananas stickers

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You’ll go bananas for these stickers

What do you get when you combine bananas with some awesome puns? These hilarious banana stickers! This fruity-cutey pair of glossy banana sticker sheets are so playful and fun that they’re sure to make you smile no matter how many times you’ve seen them!

If you’ve never seen a banana in sunglasses, then you haven’t seen anything yet! Between the adorable expressions and the fun quotes, these banana sticker sheets from our Stickiville collection are serious about how playful it is. So go ahead and add the “we’re a fun bunch” to your notebook, the “so appealing” to your lunch box, and the “everything’s all ripe” to your journal, because all school and office supplies are made better when they’ve got a banana pun stuck to them!

  • Fun banana stickers
  • Designs feature a variety of adorable bananas with puns like “So Appealing” and “Everything’s All Ripe”
  • Includes two sticker sheets of punny banana-themed stickers
  • Paper stickers
  • Suitable for ages 3 and up

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