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10 Great Kindergarten Graduation Gifts Ideas for Little Artists

Graduation is a reason to celebrate at any age! So, what better way to honor your little artist than with fun and colorful arts and crafts gifts and school supplies? Check out our round-up of the best kindergarten graduation gifts for all the young artists you’ll be recognizing this graduation season.

Kindergarten Graduation Gifts for the Little Van Gogh

rainbow paint sticks with dinosaur drawing pad Budding Artist Kids Paint Gift Set - $25.99 The variety of products in this coloring gift set are a great way to try a bit of all things OOLY. Chunkies Paint Sticks are a mess-free paint option that you can use on the Doodle Pad Duo sketchbooks that come in this set. They are 32 sheets that are 8.25 by 11.5 inches. rainbow chunkies paint sticks, set of 12 Chunkies Paint Sticks - $14.50 Chunkies paint sticks are great for all ages. This set of 12 creates the effect of paint without the mess. Just twist them up, and you’re ready to start creating!

Kindergarten Graduation Gifts for the Little Imaginator

pink, dessert themed school supplies in bag Fantasy and Confections Happy Pack - $23.99 Get creative with this sweet set of school supplies. This creative collection pack includes narwhals stickers, a set of taffy scented colored gel pens, 12 unicorn-themed graphite pencils with a set of vanilla-scented dainty donut erasers. Happy Packs make the perfect gift or party favor. space themed happy pack Outer Space Explorer Happy - $23.99 This art gift set of space-themed goodies comes with a set of crayons, graphite pencils, and erasers to get a loved one started in artistic adventures. The Stack of Stars is a set of sacking mini crayons shaped like stars. The Astronaut Graphite Pencils are a fun space-themed set of 12 no. 2 graphite pencils that are great for writing and drawing. And finally, the Astronaut Erasers are a set of 3 colorful pencil erasers shaped like adventurous astronauts. creatibles diy eraser kit with rainbow colors Creatibles DIY Eraser Kit - $11.99 Building your eraser is exciting and easy with this kit. This DIY kit includes 12 colors that you can mix to create any color you'll need. The reusable case makes it easy to store your supplies. rainbow scented markers in colorful packaging Double Dip Ice Cream Scented Markers - $12.50 These vibrant markers are the perfect size for little hands to create! Each marker has a unique and special scent. They are also washable in case of a coloring mishap. rainbow double ended scented markers Stampables Scented Double-Ended Stamp Markers - set of 18 - $13.99 Get creating with this mix of fun stamping markers. Each marker has a fun scent and beautiful color, with a brush tip for coloring and a stamp tip for design fun. They are also washable on smooth surfaces. They are also washable on smooth surfaces.

Kindergarten Graduation Gifts for the Animal Lover

little cozy critter coloring book with animals on the cover Little Cozy Critters Coloring Book - $7.99 Thirty-one animal-filled pages will encourage your little one to use their imagination to create fun scenes with these characters. The 8 inches by 10-inch pages are perforated, making your little artist's masterpiece easy to hang or give to friends and family. pink play again book Play Again! Mini-On-The-Go Activity Kit - Pet Play Land- $7.99 The 6.5 inch by 8.5-inch activity board book has lots of room to let your imagination run wild. There are 30 plus reusable stickers that can be used on the play scene board page, learn & match board page, tic-tac-toe board page, and the game board page with a spinner wheel. colorful safari scratch and scribble art kit with lion on the cover Colorful Safari Scratch and Scribble Scratch Art Kit - $8.99 This guided activity is perfect for an adventurous mind. Hidden adventures on every page are just waiting to be scratched and revealed.

Best Graduation Gifts for Any Grad

Graduation is a day filled with lots of cheers and happy tears, a time to celebrate achievements, dedication, and new beginnings. Graduation season is here, and we've got you covered on fun gifts for the grad in your life. Whether they're saying goodbye to kindergarten and hello to first grade or are getting ready to head off to college, find unique graduation gift ideas for kids, teens, college, and art students.

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