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5 Coloring Techniques Using Mixed Media

5 Coloring Techniques Using Mixed Media
Coloring is tons of fun, and it’s no wonder adult coloring is hot right now. Coloring books allow us to be interactive in someone elses art while being creative ourselves. Many people enjoy working in one coloring medium such as colored pencil or wax crayon, but we’ve made some pretty exciting discoveries mixed media coloring that we’d like to share.

Try Mixing Mediums For A Surprising Look

We’ve found that we get all sorts of fun results when we emphasize parts of a coloring page; whether it’s with a different kind of color or coloring accessory that has some really unique effect. Take a look at this fun project. We used crayons as the base for the coloring and used sparkle in special parts of the page that we wanted to be distinct from the rest. We used Glitzy Glitter Markers which are markers that leave a sparkly sheen that glitters in the light. Although it may be hard to see in this picture, it really is fantastic when you see it in person. We shared some really cool gel pen coloring techniques in our last blog. In the blog we discussed using different types of colored gel pens to mix with standard colors, like neon and glitter. In this image we used neon colors that will help them pop right our of the page among the standard gel pen colors. Our best selling Yummy Glitter Gel Pens are a set of 12 colored gel pens that are all glitter. It’s a great choice for adding sparkling color in different parts of your coloring with a lot of color choice. Paint is something that seems really far down the list of things to try on a coloring book, but applied in small amounts and with care, paint can have some really cool effects. On this page we used poster paint for the cheese on the nacho chips. The orange paint really gave the cheese a solid orange while leaving everything else on the page a more traditional colored pencil “softer” look. Brush tip markers are markers that simulate brush tips but are really just extended felt tips. The great thing about brush tip markers is that they create patterns in depending on what kind of brush strokes you make. So if you are using markers (or another medium) you can emphasize patterns in different elements of your coloring. We used Brilliant Brush Markers which have a super fine tip just like a paint brush. Gel crayons are a super fun way to really experiment with your coloring. They’re just like crayons but lay on thick color and have a residue that can be manipulated after you color with it. Since the gel crayon is so thick you can use a cotton swab and blend colors together for some amazing gradiated effects. You can see from this image that you can do some really imaginative blending techniques with gel crayons. Also the cotton swab is a great way to make your gel crayon coloring have a real “solid” look. You can choose from 3 different kinds of gel crayons for your next coloring projects. You can find base colors with Rainy Dayz Gel Crayons (yes they work on paper), neon with Neon Pop and even add some sparkle with Sparkle Watercolor Gel Crayons. Gel Crayons are truly a diverse coloring tool.

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