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April Showers Bring May Flowers

April Showers Bring May Flowers
Craft By: @paigebree95 on Instagram Creating outside of the (flower) box is one of our favorite things to do at OOLY. These fresh, vibrant flowers are ideal to celebrate spring and a DIY craft project perfect for kids of any age! Follow the easy steps below to craft your colorful masterpiece. What you need: STEP 1: Use a cotton swab to paint leaves at the bottom of your sketchbook paper using OOLY’s lil' poster paint pods STEP 2: Coat a fork in the paint color of your choice and press onto the tops of the leaves you painted with the cotton swab, creating a β€œpetal” effect for the flowers STEP 3: Next you’ll use our rainbow sparkle glitter glue to create clouds above your flowers STEP 4: You can add a cute little sun to finish off your picture STEP 5: Gift to mom for Mother’s Day or any day! Shop the supplies you’ll need at!

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