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Children’s Storybook Craft Idea

Children’s Storybook Craft Idea

How the Unicorn and the Horse became BFFs

Ever wonder how the unicorn and the horse became best friends? This fun and easy storybook art project for children is the perfect way to inspire creativity and storytelling. With this print and trace template and OOLY art supplies, your kiddo can create their own magical and delightful adventure for the horse and the unicorn. An easy DIY craft and the perfect way for them to express their imagination! Time Duration: 30 minutes Skill Level: Beginner OOLY Products Needed: Other Items Needed:
  • Scissors (adult supervision required)
  • Stapler (adult supervision required)
  • Cardstock paper
Directions: Step 1: Begin by printing this ‘print and trace’ template of the horse and unicorn bffs that will become stencils to create your own characters of the story. Step 2: Cut out the hearts, unicorn, horse and rainbow. Step 3: Select another piece of paper to use as the cover of the book. Title your story at the top of the page with a Big Bright Brush Marker. Step 4: Place the unicorn section of the stencil on the left side of the page and color it in using your favorite color Rainbow Sparkle Glitter Marker. Repeat this step with the horse on the right side of the page. Step 5: Decorate your cover page with as many hearts and rainbows as you’d like using Color Appeel Crayons! Step 6: Create a magical story about how the horse and unicorn became BFFs by duplicating the stencils on the rest of the storybook pages and adding copy and color accordingly. The sky is the limit for where this adventure will end! Step 7: Staple your story together to create your story book with the cover created in step 3. To celebrate these magical BFFs you can create another story book for your own besties!

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