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Create a Dazzling Fireworks Scene this New Years Eve

Create a Dazzling Fireworks Scene this New Years Eve
We decided to paint with a bang to help us mark the quickly approaching New Year’s Eve celebrations. My kids love nothing more than teaming up fun new paint supplies and a blank canvas, especially when that canvas is black and the art supplies are some of OOLY’s most shimmery and sparkly products! Read on to find out how my kids lit up the night sky with simple and playful marking techniques to create a dazzling fireworks scene.

finished project dazzling fireworks scene

Materials Needed:

OOLY Supplies needed for a DIY dazzling fireworks scene: lil paint brush set, rainbow sparkle watercolor gel crayons, mini dots pixie paste and dot-a-lot

Step 1: Fire Those Lights Up in The Sky!

For the first part of making the fireworks, we used the Rainbow Sparkle Watercolor Gel Crayons. I sat with my kids and looked at some images of fireworks and we talked about the marks we would need to make on the canvas. To begin, the kids wanted to make long colorful lines showing how the fireworks were soaring up to the sky. Drawing firework lines with rainbow sparkle watercolor gel crayons Next, they decided to add blobs of color at the end of the lines of light to show how the fireworks were starting to explode. The metallic sparkle of the gel crayons was perfect for this part of the project. Both 2 year old baby sis and 6 year old big bro were able to smoothly glide the crayons over the black canvas, making bold and colorful markings. The twist up barrels on these gel crayons also kept their hands surprisingly clean for such a messy project. creating a dazzling fireworks scene with OOLU Rainbow Sparkle Watercolor Gel Crayons

Step 2: Spread The Shower of Sparkles!

This was definitely their favorite part! The Dot-A-Lot paint is so cool, it literally adds another dimension to painting! The kids experimented with many different ways to make light blobs and sprays, moving their hands in different ways as they were squeezing the bottles. This was great for their fine and gross motor skill development, not to mention fun for them. adding sparkle to fireworks with OOLY Dot-a-lot neon paint embellishing a dazzling fireworks scene with Dot-a-lot pearlescent paint. As time went on they got more confident and really started to make the fireworks spread over the canvas. They loved that the Dot-A-Lot paint had a 3-D effect, it made it look like a real fireworks. Both the neon and pearlescent colors really popped on the black background.

Highlighting firework explosion with dot-a-lot paint

Step 3: Make That Night Sky Shimmer!

The final process to their firework-filled night sky was to add some shimmer using the Pixie Paste Mini Dots. These are little pots of clear glue with various small sequins mixed in. We spoke about the type of marks the kids wanted to make and they decided the best idea was to make brush splatters. They carefully chose their color arrangements and got to work leaving glittery marks throughout the sky for this dazzling fireworks scene. adding sparkle with OOLY Pixie Paste Mini Dots The Pixie Paste was such a novel texture to add. It was especially great for my toddler because it really didn’t matter about her marks being neat. She could splatter away and it looked great regardless! painting on pixie paste mini dots to the dazzling fireworks scene I cannot tell you how proud these two little artists were of their celebratory night sky masterpiece. And what I love most is that we now have a creative keepsake from our year. I wonder what next year’s NYE canvas will look like… kids displaying their completed dazzling fireworks scene - Lucy Baker


Lucy Baker is a Mom of two who is passionate about creative play and hands-on learning. When it comes to art she believes that it’s all about the process and experience, not the outcome. See more of her creative play ideas and process art projects on Instagram, @findthelittlemind, and over on her blog, Find the Little Mind.

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