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Glitter Glue Craft Idea: Rainbow Sparkle

glitter glue art and ombre journal on pink surface
OOLY’s Rainbow Sparkle Glitter Glue lets you decorate and add sparkle to your life or create special gifts! With 6 vibrant colors, adding pizzazz to a glitter glue craft just became a piece of cake. Begin with these easy-to-follow suggestions to help you start creating right away. Since the glitter paste can be used on so many surfaces and the possibilities are endless, here some ideas of where to start: rainbow hard on pink background with hand squeezing purple glitter glue

Glitter Glue Craft Ideas:

  1. Paper: Think of adding sparkle to a journal, notebook cover, a coloring book page, an invitation, a school project or a greeting card.
  2. Wood: Picture frames or wooden ornaments are great candidates for some dazzle.
  3. Nature: Find rocks or leaves, create a design on them or help their natural beauty shine through.
  4. Ceramics, Clay, Porcelain: Decorate your favorite clay pot, give a gift of a personalized mug or glass, everyone likes a gift that has them in mind.

Make the Workspace Ready for Glitter Glue Crafts

Start with a clean work space, always a good idea when starting a new glitter glue craft. Before laying out your supplies; you may want to cover your workspace with paper or a plastic cloth. Rainbow Sparkle Glitter Glues are intended for 6 years & older, and we do suggest adult supervision. Pro Tip: If you think the project will not be completed in one sitting; either use a space that won’t be disturbed or do the project on a tray, cardboard or something that can be moved without affecting the supplies. Allow 24 hours for the glitter glue to dry completely. rainbow of glitter glue bottles on white background

Layout The Supplies

Getting your supplies laid out and ready to use will make your project easier to complete. Select and set out the colors you would like to use for your project. How to use tips: Squeeze the bottle carefully with consistent pressure as you create your design. You may want to experiment on a scrap piece of paper until you feel comfortable using the glue. The glue is a little runny and it’s best to apply it to a flat or relatively flat surface or you might end up with drips on your design. rainbow of glitter glue bottles next to glitter art on white paper Pro Tip: Depending on the design, you may want to draw it lightly with a pencil on your object first to give you a guide. The glue is not opaque, so you might be able to see through it if you mark too dark. pink, purple and blue glitter glue with pink and blue journal on white surface

Create A Dazzling Artwork or Glam-up Everyday Objects

You are ready to add that touch of glitz to all your crafts and art. Once you have finished, allow 24 hours for the glue to completely dry. And as a reminder the glue will dry fairly flat, even if it looks a bit puffy on application. With Rainbow Sparkle Glitter Glue, your drab world will never be the same. Glitter paste up your journals, school projects, coffee mugs and plant pots. If you want more glitter try Pixie Paste Brush-On Glitter glue and Mini Dot Pixie Paste. Sparkle on! child sitting at table creating rainbow tree with purple glitter glue

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