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DIY & Craft Supplies That Help You Create

DIY & Craft Supplies That Help You Create

Set of Magic Puffy Pens that puff up after you color
Magic Puffy Pens


DIY & Craft Supplies That Help You Create

A little bit of free time is a chance to be inspired and create. Let OOLY inspire you or your loved ones to get crafty with these colorful DIY projects.

Don’t just color, color in another dimension with 3D Colorables. Choose from world peace dolls, radical race cars, mighty swords, space age rockets, magical unicorns, breezy butterflies and more.

Or, be the boss of your own imagination from start to finish with a Creatibles DIY eraser kit. It comes in 12 different colors, which means the possibilities for eraser creations are endless.

Go unconventional with Creatibles DIY cling art so you can custom design your window art to match your own tastes. Or, get silly with a good sketchbook and Magic Puffy Pens or a Scratch and Scribble scratch art kit.