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Decorate And Organize Your Journal for A New Year

Decorate And Organize Your Journal for A New Year
Oh my goodness - is it really January already?! Where did 2017 go?! Starting off 2018 on the right foot with my notebook, I decided I would do my organizing by decorating my pages using rainbow colors for January. The other months will get new designs later on! This year I’m using the Flipside Double Sided Notebook as my planner. It’s awesome because one half of the notebook has blank pages and then you can flip it over it has lined paper too. So handy for lists or doodling! And you can tell which side you are on by the cover color. I used the Modern Writers Gel Pens to write the month at the top of the page using faux modern calligraphy. I love these gel pens because they are super smooth but also really pigmented with bright colors and a fine point tip. Set of OOLY Modern Writers gel pens on a decorated journal Brush lettering "January" in a DIY journal with a colored gel pen For some reason, rainbow clouds seemed like a perfect fit for January! I cut out a cloud shape from cardstock paper and used the Pastel Liners to trace 6 rainbow clouds, combining Saturday and Sunday into 1 cloud. It was easy because one end of the marker has a pointed tip - perfect for tracing; the other end is chiseled. These colors are so vibrant and you can use them as highlighters or markers. I colored all my clouds different colors to make them stand out. Coloring in cut out cloud with a Pastel Liner Marker Set of Pastel Liners colored markers with chisel tips from OOLY Then, I used the gel pens in varying colors and wrote in the days of the week so I can plan out my productivity time! I will have a new theme for every month and will decorate each so it is special and personalized just for me. Ideas for Spring month pages could be raindrops or flowers. Summertime can be brightly colored beach balls or even some bug stickers if you like creepy crawlies! Fall is fun, with leaves, pumpkins and the holidays. The important thing is to make it your own. Coloring clouds in a DIY journal with OOLY Pastel Liners markers And now I’m ready to go into 2018! Brush lettering days of the week in a decorated journal Please visit me on Instagram @Go Font Yourself to see more of my lettering work!

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