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How to: Create Your Own Binder Cover

How to: Create Your Own Binder Cover

DIY Binder Cover Ideas & Designs Perfect for School!

One of my favorite back to school memories, was the excitement I felt every September while creating designs and artwork to go in the front of my binders. Whether you're using a binder cover template designed with your favorite sports team, unicorns and narwhals, or a freehand drawing of different patterns and colors, diy binder covers are an easy and fun way to make school supplies colorful and individual to your own tastes. Let your creative juices flow while you design a collection of binder covers that will transform the look of any of bound book into something that's uniquely yours! Here are two cute coloring sheets that I made especially for your clear sleeve binder this fall- enjoy! **If you do happen to print out and color these cute coloring pages, don't forget to tag OOLY and Lady Lucas on Instagram so we can check out your creations!**

Materials You Will Need:

First, download the Sloth Coloring Page and Scoops Coloring Page. Print on crisp, white paper for best results! Next, choose your favorite OOLY art supplies for coloring! Scoops Coloring Page: I loved trying the Chroma Blends Watercolor Brush Markers because they add such a bright and fluid look. They are also the perfect markers to add hand drawn 'sprinkles' with! (Yum!) For some extra oomph, try the Jumbo Brights Neon Colored Pencils - it adds texture and highlights to your coloring. Sloth Coloring Page: I tried the Sketch and Color Colored Pencil Set and had a great time creating contrast with all the different colors available! The pencil set adds a nice tropical flair, as there are many greens, pinks and yellow shades to choose from. Whatever supplies you choose, remember to have fun while creating and displaying your work! I’d love to invite you to check out my artwork and OOLY‘s awesome feed on Instagram for daily creative fun and inspiration! xo Lady Lucas

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