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DIY Clay Necklace for Mother's Day & Teacher Appreciation Gifts

DIY Clay Necklace for Mother's Day & Teacher Appreciation Gifts

DIY Spring Clay Necklace

Child holding DIY clay necklace Celebrating spring is one of our favorite things to do. There are so many adorable spring themed crafts to be made this time of year. Kids of all ages will have fun making this flower and butterfly shaped clay necklace to keep for themselves or give for Mother's Day or Teacher Appreciation. Purple DIY clay necklace with colored beads In just a few easy steps, these handmade clay necklace pendants are made from air clay and hand decorated with a variety of art supplies. Blending markers with paints gives the flower and butterfly pendants a super cool tie dye effect that makes them even more trendy. Pick out your favorite paints, markers and beads and let’s get crafting! Materials used: Chroma Blends Brush Markers, The Ink Works Markers and necklace string

Step 1

Roll out the air clay to about ¼” thick.

Step 2

Cut out small pendants with your favorite spring shaped cookie cutters. Place on a cookie sheet lined with parchment paper.

Butterfly and flower cookie cutters with clay for DIY necklaces

Step 3

Use a skewer or sharpened pencil to create a small hole in the top of the pendant.

Step 4

Have an adult bake the clay for 15 minutes at 275º Fahrenheit, or according to the clay packaging.

Step 5

Let the pendants cool completely.

Step 6

Decorate with your favorite markers and paints. Start laying on brilliant color with your brush markers then add in tiny amounts of watercolor paint (with a paint brush) to create a tie dye effect. For some sparkle add a bit of glittery poster paint. Don't be afraid to experiment or blend different colors together to create a new look. Painting clay necklace pendant with watercolor brush marker from OOLY Purple and blue watercolor designs with watercolor brush markers on clay pendant Watercolored clay pendant with purple and blue paint Colored clay pendants next to OOLY watercolor brush markers and colored necklace string Star shaped clay pendants colored with OOLY watercolor brush markers

Step 7

Once the markers and paint have dried, create bold black lines to give the pendants more definition. Drawing designs with fine tip marker brush on clay pendant

Finished butterfly design with ink and watercolor paint on clay necklace pendantThree colored DIY clay pendants and OOLY Chroma Blends watercolor brush markers

Step 8

Allow the clay pendants to dry completely.

Step 9

Carefully apply a thin coat of clear varnish to seal in your designs. Mod Podge works well, just be sure not to close up the hole for your string.

Step 10

Allow the pendants to dry for 24 hours.

Step 11

Once thoroughly dried, add the pendant and any other decorative beads you may have to a necklace string to finish your DIY Spring Necklace. If you accidentally sealed the hole with glue, have an adult use a safety pin to carefully reopen the clay necklace hole. Purple DIY necklace made with watercolored pendant and beads Feeling extra crafty today? Try making your own wooden decorative beads to use as accents on your necklace. Check out our post Wooden Bead Necklace post for more inspiration. Your kids will have fun decorating these clay necklaces for their friends and wearing them themselves. These necklaces also make the perfect homemade gifts for moms and teachers. Handmade gifts, especially jewelry, is an easy gift idea for Mother’s Day that mom will definitely love. Girl wearing finished DIY clay pendant with beads Have another homemade jewelry idea you’d like to share with us? Share your unique jewelry creations designed by you in the comments below or on OOLY's Facebook or Instagram pages! I’m a creator. I’m the happiest when I’m making things. I especially love painting, crafting, and cooking. Between working on art projects with my two little ones, my husband and I run a bed and breakfast out of our family home. Hopefully, we’ll inspire you to create something of your own! Stop by Made It Mommy for more fun and ideas! Or visit me on Instagram and Facebook Skyelar Hoort

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