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Drawing Halloween Art on Black Paper

Black-Sketchbook-Paper-ProductsHalloween is nearly upon us and I am always looking to do some fun and unique Fall and Halloween crafts with my daughters that really inspire the mood of the season. And Halloween art always looks best on black paper. The Black DIY Cover Sketchbook is totally amazing because it has spooky black paper that is so cool for the girls to sketch their scary masterpieces on. They also loved the fact that they could personalize their books by drawing art right on the front cover. I love the built in elastic strap that keeps their work from falling out and makes it easy to tote around while we are on the go. The sketch books come in two sizes: 8x10.5 for large and 5x7.5 for small.

Gel Pen Art on Black Paper

Now for the fun part...what to draw those creepy ghosts and goblins with? Drawing on black paper has always been difficult, but OOLY happens to have several items that are great for black paper drawing; like Totally Taffy Scented Gel Pens that write in smooth pastel colors and come in smell like taffy candy. Tutti Frutti Scented Gel Pens are unique in that not only do they come in six bright colors that have delicious fruity scents, but they actually change color as you write! Magic! Kids love a scented pen and they thought it was super cool that they never quite knew what rainbow color would appear. The Metallic Appeel Crayons are super high quality, vivid metallic crayons that enhanced those haunted houses and ghosts like no other! They come in six shiny colors and the girls loved that you could just pull a string to reveal more crayon. Totally-Taffy-Tutti-Fruitti-Gel-Pens-Black-Paper Doodle-Goo-Neon-Black-Sketchbook

3D Glue Art and Wax Crayons

We switched up the vibe when using the Doodle Goo 3D Metallic Glue Sticks, which literally make your art pop off the page with brilliant 3D texture, so that scary hand really does look like it is jumping out to grab you! It works just like glue and comes in five bright neon colors. We rounded out our Fall crafting session with the most exciting crayons that actually write smooth and bright on black paper. Natural Beeswax Crayons are non-toxic and come straight from nature. They are designed in easy to hold thick, triangular shapes and come in twenty four vivid colors with a cute reusable case. My daughters both told me it was the most fun they ever had creating Halloween artwork such as ugly green witch faces and bright orange pumpkins that really pop off the black pages right before their little eyes.

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