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Fun and Easy 'Make Your Own Eraser' Kit

The Colorful Eraser Making Kit

Today I surprised my young girls with an insanely fun craft that even intrigued my 11 year old stepson, which is called the Creatibles DIY Eraser Kit. Creatibles erasers are easy make and bake pencil eraser that you build yourself! It’s like a cooler update on the old Shrinky Dinks from back in my day! The kids went nuts for this project because basically they build whatever inspires their imagination, then an adult bakes it in the oven and after it cools, the kids can erase with it. The Creatibles kit comes with 12 bright eraser clay colors that can be mixed to make endless hues and you can make any cool shape or character you want! We created cupcakes, ladybugs, race cars, various monster heads and even a flower pot with flowers. And the best part is they really erase smoothly. The kids loved that they could bring their own homemade erasers to school and show them off to all of their friends.

Erasers Made from Clay that Really Work!

I put down some newspaper first because the colors tend to get a bit messy, but the clean up was surprisingly quick and the kids loved watching the erasers bake in the oven. It all comes in this great reusable case so they can tote around their creations which makes for easy storage. My younger daughter’s birthday is this week and we decided that rather than bring in food treats to the class, we were going to make each kid a little eraser! Creatibles are great for party bag goodies or even to give to the grandparents for upcoming holiday season gift ideas.

A Fun Way to Make Your Perfect Pencil Erasers

Three dimensional crafts are always super fun for kids because it brings the object to life, so it’s as if they are creating their own little functional toy. I am endlessly amazed how unique items such as Creatibles DIY Eraser Kit provide so much joy and creative artistry for my girls.

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