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DIY Cell Phone Case Design

Make Your Very Own Cell Phone Case

DIY cell phone case design with pastel gel pen There’s tons of designer cell phone cases out there and choosing one that "defines you" can be a bit tricky. Sifting through all the different brands and models is daunting, especially if you're taking everything into consideration like how the case feels, how it will fit in your pocket or purse; all while trying to find the perfect color and design. Also it's likely that whatever case you choose is going to be what your phone looks like for the next two years. There's no sense in buying an expensive cell phone case that you might not like in 3 months. Why not just buy one and redesign it whenever you want!? We decided to get a bit crafty here at OOLY and make our own cell phone case and it’s really simple to do! We’ll show you how we made our custom cell phone case but feel free to use any materials you like. You'll need: (BTW - Case-Mate contacted us after posting this blog and would like everyone to be aware that they have coupons available for their cases.) The tools you will need for the DIY Cell Phone Cover We started off by tracing the clear case on the black paper and and cutting it out, taking extra special care to cut out the camera opening. An X-acto knife is great for cutting out your paper, but if you're good with scissors you'll do just fine. Very important tip: make sure that you match up the right side for the camera hole and please make sure that you create your design on the outward facing side! We used pastel gel ink pens on black paper Next for the fun creative part! Just unleash your inner artist! We used black paper because we felt it would give our cell phone case a unique look. And the Totally Taffy Scented Gel Pens are great on black paper. It really makes the pastel colors stand out. A Flower DIY Cell Phone Cover Interesting Horizontal Lines DIY Cell Phone Cover Abstract Gel Pen Art Cell Phone Cover Child Made Cell Phone Cover You can come up with all sorts of cool doodle designs or copy a favorite pattern, or you can even have your kids draw you a sweet picture for a truly unique conversation starter.

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